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Kidz Bop covers GnR's Patience on Kidz Bop sings Monster Ballads

Subtle Signs

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This was released a few years ago and I did a search for the topic and saw nothing posted. I suppose it beats talking about Axl's mustache. I also find it interesting as to which projects the band will license out their songs for.


Features of This Track

a kid-friendly vibe
acoustic sonority
major key tonality
a smooth female lead vocal


Record label Razor & Tie, which counts All That Remains and Norma Jean among the artists on its roster, has made their money the old-fashioned – by direct to consumer marketing via cable TV ads. Their Monster Ballads and Buzz Ballads series have gotten people temporarily re-interested in the likes of Mr. Big and Vertical Horizon, but Kidz Bop is their bread and butter. If you’ve got children, you’re probably aware of the series of discs. Basically, they’re like a version of Now That’s What I Call Music, but instead of the original versions of popular top 40 songs, they’re covers sung by a chorus of kids. Yeah, it’s pretty much as annoying as it sounds.

Now, in the spirit of Freddy Vs. Jason, the label has decided to combine franchises with the announcement of Kidz Bop Sings Monster Ballads. Due out May 17th, the 16-track compilation will be led off by a version of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” featuring Bret Michaels himself on guitar along with his kids Raine and Jorja Michaels. He’s the only celebrity on the rest of the comp, with the remainder of the album sung “for kids by kids.” Considering that many of the ‘tween’ kids that Kidz Bop is marketed towards may have been conceived to some of the original songs, it’s a fitting tribute that’s sure to find a home in many a minivan.

And at least it’s for a good cause. A portion of the proceeds from the album will go to benefit Bret’s Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. In addition the three Michaels’ will be hosting an “air guitar super contest” on KIDZbop.com. “The most awesome jobs I’ve ever had are being a Rockstar, Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice winner, raising money for kids with Diabetes and, most importantly, being a good father,” Michaels states. “So rerecording ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ with Raine and Jorja for KIDZ BOP Sings Monster Ballads was, by far, one of the coolest ways ever to combine my love for music and family: Not only do I get to rock out with my two favorite girls, but a portion of the proceeds will go to the American Diabetes Association and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It’s a great track for a great cause. KIDZ BOP Sings Monster Ballads is one party you definitely won’t want to miss: So bring your strongest voice, best air guitar and get ready to monster rock.”

Check out the hair band-tastic track listing after the jump.

“Heaven” (originally recorded by Warrant)
“Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til Its Gone” (originally recorded by Cinderella)
“Home Sweet Home” (originally recorded by Motley Crue)
“I Remember You” (originally recorded by Skid Row)
“Forever” (originally recorded by KISS)
“High Enough” (originally recorded by Damn Yankees)
“Wait” (originally recorded by White Lion)
“Love Song” (originally recorded by Tesla)
“The Flame” (originally recorded by Cheap Trick)
“Is This Love” (originally recorded by Whitesnake)
“Patience” (originally recorded by Guns N’ Roses)
“When I See You Smile (originally recorded by Bad English)
“Wind of Change” (originally recorded by Scorpions)
“Love of a Lifetime” (originally recorded by Firehouse)
“Carrie” (originally recorded by Europe)


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