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What will come out first? CDII Or...


album or fight ?  

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We'll probably get a whole new Star Wars Trilogy before another GNR album

Axl needs fresh inspiration in how to fuck a GNR album. Over to you George.

First, we need to scrap the whole way we did things. If it worked through it out. To create is to destroy. Build a new special effects studio. Fuck CGI. Holograms. The whole movie will be shot in Holo-Vision.

So then Axl will have to find a guitar player who is actually a hologram. The album won't be released. It will be projected into the sky at night and you'll have to use a phone app to scan the Holo-Vision sign. This will release a full hologram package of the band playing in your living room. This is the future.

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Mayweather's running from the Pacman cause he makes a shitload of cash fighting far lesser fighters, Axl's running from the sequel cause he makes a shitload of cash doing the same thing. At least Floyd is fighting serious contenders despite not challenging himself to take down a fellow all time great, Axl finishing the leftover CD tracks and going on a tour supporting them would be the equivalent, him playing brand new shit done by these guys after that would be like Floyd fighting Pacquiao then Golovkin.

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