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Slash: My Movie Life

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Never seen Last Waltz but friends have recommended it. Never really been able to get into The Band, though.

Love Spinal Tap. I actually find the ending where they reunite more heartwarming than funny. Was all I could think about when Duff came on stage in London with Axl (apart from "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!").

You'd probably get on with my dad, Angelica, he's more obsessed with movies than you are. He just came back from the Berlinale and at the same time as my graduation at my uni in Scotland a couple of years back he booked a hotel in Edinburgh so he could catch the Edinburgh Film Festival a few days before that. Went to Karlovy Vary festival last summer and he does some interviews and stuff for an Iranian film magazine at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival for the past few years.

Pretty funny that Slash can quote all of Pulp Fiction.

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