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GUNS N' ROSES: Attendance Figures For 'No Trickery! An Evening Of Destruction' Residency Revealed

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The numbers for this residency were better than the numbers for the last. Considering they played there only 18 months ago (even though it's a tourist town), I would say it was very successful.

I don't love the idea of GN'R becoming known as a "Vegas act", but I have to give the residencies due credit - they're a great way for fans to get together, you get to see the shows more than once if you like, there is TONS of stuff to do in Vegas on the off-nights and the casino itself is basically a GN'R mecca of memorabilia, posters, etc... It's a lot of fun. It's a lucrative venture, the Hard Rock probably treats them really well, and they get to stay in the same spot for a few weeks which is a lot more comfortable for the band after so many years on the road.

As long as that money is being put towards actually taking things forward and releasing new music, I say bring it on. I'll go to the next one if I can, it's worth it just to hang out with other fans and shoot the shit with people you've been interacting with online for years.

If the intent is to keep playing Vegas year after year and fade into obscurity though? Count me out. From Axl's interview with Revolver, the former seems like a realistic possibility at this point - I'm optimistic that things will emerge differently after this next quiet period, and I haven't felt that way for a long time. Fingers crossed.

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Axl needs to start doing proper +20.000 people venues in Europe (and festivals) once again and make some serious money and get some real appreciation from the many fans he's got in the old continent.

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Great numbers. Enough with all these ridiculous numbers about the number of visitors daily and how many of em

Knew a GNR concert was happening and how it somehow makes the numbers less impressive.

It's great that the shows did well. There should never be an excuse as to why something worked. If it failed then I'd expect excuses to fly in, but it was a success by any bands standards. Great marketing and great performances. The band did good, do we really have to argue the fact that GNR did something good?

Oh well carry on. I just feel a success is a success. Even if a majority of a teams wins came at home. Good for guns.

Do you think GnR would sell 3,000 tickets a night for a 10-show run in Toledo, Ohio?

It's funny to see where the "argument" side of this topic is coming from. I don't recall anybody saying it was a BAD run, a few people just said it wasn't something to write a book about. Why that offends people is weird.

The band KILLED it the last two shows. That second to last show is one of the best overall performances by the current band. Old songs were pulled out, the band sounded great and Axl was in top form. A-plus. I'd rather see a DVD of that show than the one that is currently being sold. That was a home run for Axl and GnR.

Attendance-wise they did what they were expected to do. Just like prior Residency bands did - Motley, Def Leppard and Shania Twain. But like Broski said, the numbers are good - not amazing. Selling 3000 tickets to a show in a town of 650,000 people......that's not something to raise a flag over. But I suppose in today's society where there is this weird need to give EVERY kid a medal and not use red ink when grading papers in school - then sure, 3000 people is an AMAZING amount of tickets for GnR (and Motley, Def Lep) to sell in Vegas. Everybody wins, everybody is special and let's give praise no matter what.

And I agree with High Voltage.

If I know there is going to be some new stuff played, or at least they are going to dust off some lesser played songs, then I'll go to the next round of Vegas shows. And if that next residency is in support of a completely brand new album, I'll drop a few thousand dollars and go see 2-3 of the shows. Like I said, I don't see anybody complaining about the residency. Just see a few people not cuming all over themselves at the amount of tickets sold. You can still be a die-hard fan without having to praise a band's every single move.

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You guys must have been great at essay writing in school.

I made a lot of money in high school by writing stories for my friends in our English creative writing class.

The entire grade was based on a point system where every story/poem you turned in was given a point value - determined by the grade the teacher gave it and the length of the story. You could do long stories, short stories, book reviews, essays, poems, etc. The teacher was a nice older lady who was really eccentric and half crazy.

I did entire semester's worth of work for several of my friends. The funny part is that I would write some crazy stuff for them. Like essays about one of them wanting to be gay but afraid to tell people and describing in detail how hot he thought some of his classmates were, one of them saying he had a fetish for older women (teacher was an older women), essay about being addicted to self-pleasure and having to do it 3-4 times a day while at school. I would turn in poems that were just rap lyrics. Fun times.

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