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Not long bought Hitman: Blood Money for like 3 quid. Its pretty good like! Playing on Expert... feel like I'm cheating a bit not playing it on the hardest mode, but you can't save or "checkpoint" the level where you want on the hardest mode and that's a NIGHTMARE when you have to wait around for characters to make their move etc. again and again and again when you keep dying or ending up in a shoot out when you're trying to be sly. I dont even select weapons before the mission cause it just feels wrong in this game... It encourages you to be a Silent Assassin. Though I have upgraded to twin Silverballers, silenced, with lasers haha cause theyre awesome.

This is the only one I've played and I definitely fancy another one even though I haven't finished this one yet. Im only on the mission where you save the politician.

What's your favourite Hitman game? And mission? The Opera, and Birthday party missions were really cool.

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Yeah, thats what I love about this game, theres good variation, cause on the birthday party one, I seen the clown n thought there must be a way to steal his outfit n just cruise in through the front door but I just could not work out how without being seen n that, so I ended up scoping the whole neighbourhood for items; got the tranquilisers from the vets, the air rifle from the tree house, shot the guard dog and cctv with the tranquilisers. sneaked in, knocked out the pool cleaner, suited up, the housewife chats me up n takes me to the bedroom. now she cant be bothered, knock her the fuck out, steal the microfilm, find underwear in daughters bedroom and douse with ether, guard comes in, sniffs underwear and is out for the count, suit up as guard, fiberwire house owner, walk out through front door n away. That only gets you Professional haha saying that, I did raise suspicion once or twice.

Good game!

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I remember in BM you go on a boat and move bodies between rooms. Then there was one in some offices. But I get in mixed up with Kane & Lynch levels too.

Yeah, the boat one took quite a while first time around, but not as long as the casino! Jesus, I spent aaages working out that shit. What an absolute shambles it was haha Decided to watch someone get Silent Assassin on youtube and it was embarrassing how easy they made it look.

Just got onto the office block mission i think.

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The biggest difference is that Absolution is very linear and the checkpoints system forces you into that. It's like you get spurts of traditional Hitman mixed with a more straightforward third-person shooter. In other words, in between the checkpoints you get to run the show but with a more limited open world. Blood Money feels way more open from the beginning - it's not linear at all and the possibilities are endless. The new game is supposed to take the massive world stylings of Absolution but turn it into a non-linear Blood Money type of game. They're ditching the checkpoints too and going back to the save when you want deal.

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