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Help with Axl's autograph


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I bought this autograph in ebay.It says it is original and has and a certificate with it .I believe that the possibility to be original is 1 to 1000. What do you believe ??? (i bought it very cheap.)


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Looks fake to me. Not his usual W, and bad attempt at replicating his E.


Granted the signature on my arm is nothing to go off of because he was drunk lol But that looks fake to me, and a lot of the "certificate" autographs aren't actually legit. Anyone can replicate a signature and anyone can make a COA unfortunately.

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I see.Thank you very much to all.I bought it very cheap (2,30 euros) so it is good for a price for a photo.But i dont know what feedback to give him.Sometimes it makes you angry how stupid someone believe you are.Of course i know that with that price you dont get an original but hoped that someone wanted only to give away his autograph so someone will be happy :P

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