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Charlie XCX - Forever (guitar version)

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Probably nobody in this forum knows who Charlie XCX is. She's a young pop artist that caught my attention on an interview for The Verge about the music industry and technology. 

Anyways, she wanted remixes of some of her new songs. So I did this. It's really nothing like the original, but I hope some of you like the effort. I also played bass and synth on my Mac keyboard lol.

And I know some things are off, but I could only work on all of it during this weekend.

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4 hours ago, lame ass security said:

Very good work. The changes in your tonality adds a lot to the track. That toggle switch action was a cool touch. And that cat kicks ass.😄

Thanks! She got paid very handsomely, I guarantee. :lol:

51 minutes ago, SoundOfAGun said:

Great guitar chops as always, could do with a bit of tightening up on some of the rhythm parts. Agree with @lame ass security on the toggle pseudo kill switch, very cool! 

Thanks. I know what you mean, I wish I had more time to work things out. I feel like I always rush some things and don't bother to rerecord and tight it up, though. 

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3 hours ago, soon said:

I really enjoyed that! :headbang:Beautiful cat! I was half expecting a meow or a shriek after your goat tone break through, hehe

im sure the artist will dig this! Is she uploading them too? Or picking favs or whatever?

Hahaha thanks. She actually grunted a bit but I edited it out lol

Yes, she said she was picking some favs. Don't know if she's still doing that. And by how the original sounds, I really doubt she would even care about what I did there.

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