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GNR suveneirs that you have


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'Kill Your Idols' patch

:o where from?





oh my god :shocked:

i need that patch :shocked:


anyone got a link to a website that sells these?

and thanks for uploading an image ARQ :heart:

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Appetite For Destruction cd

Lies cd

Use Your Illusion 1 cd

Use Your Illusion 2 cd

TSI cd

Interview With A Vampire soundtrack cd

Live Era cd

End Of Days soundtrack cd

Greatest Hits cd

Hollywood Rose cd

Velvet Revolver Contraband cd

Live in Tokyo 1 vhs and dvd

Live in Tokyo 2 vhs and dvd

Welcome to the videos vhs and dvd

Making of Estranged vhs

Making of November Rain vhs

A casset of Guns live in the 80's that I got from the fan club

2 Posters a sphagetti incident one and the lies poster in this picture from Almost Famous http://img228.imageshack.us/img228/7149/posters29lt.jpg

A GN'R flag (black and white,I'll post a pic of later)

Dust And Bones Tour shirt

Use Your Illusions tshirt(UYI cover on front,UYI 2 on back)

Chinese Democracy World Tour shirt - Chinese Dog eating world(paid $45 in Toronto)

A back patch which was really a bandanna,that I sowed on my denim jacket

A GN'R necklace

A never used KFC bucket :lol: Don't ask

Matt Sorums drum stick(from a VR show but what the hell?)

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All CD's

All album LP's (Spaghetti Incedent, Use Your Illusion II and Live Era still sealed)

Don't Cry 12" pic disc

AFD cross t shirt

Bullet logo t shirt

Guns, roses with red outline t shirt

Here Today...Gone To Hell t shirt

Silver star '02 tour t hirt

AFD skulls, bullet logo long sleeve

Bullet logo belt buckle

The Roxy/bullet logo boxers

Bullet logo poster

AFD cross poster

AFD leather jacket

Shit lot of bootlegs

I probably have some other stuff I forgot

...and I too have a leftover KFC bucket!!! :P

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Well they're not exactly souvenirs but I have cats aptly named Axl and Slash... Slash is the resident catnip addict, he hits the catnip pole at 7 AM and stays stoned pretty much all day; and Axl is kind of a recluse, when we don't see him we joke he's 'working on the album'. Also have a dog named Izzy. She was going to be Duff but we got a girl dog so Izzy seemed more appropriate. Someday we will get a Duff. And maybe a goldfish named Steven Adler.....

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177 dvd-a

16 vhs

all orginals

all audios

all dvds (dvd files) that exist

almost all versions of all dvd's that exist

10 never relesed (hoarded) shows

axl autographed TSI album

Whole band signed Paris 1992 Poster

10 posters

2 flags

3 t-shirts

1 headband gn'fnr

2 chains

1 neckless

2 patches

1 glass

1 axl statue

1 wrist band

1 dvd with 6800 pictures of axl and gnr

2 real photos taken from 1988

1 orginal vinyll AFD

maybe some other stuff.

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I don't have that much, bar all the albums, All the '02 and '01 audio's available, quite a few throughout the years as well as tonnes of demos. I've got a few shirts, although I'm going to get some more, the only one that I wear reguarly is my Appetite Cross. I've also got the DVD's, WTTV and both Tokyo's, and some ones which I'm going to burn sometime from 02 mostly. Lots of pictures and crap, and two signed photos.

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-I've got three shirts, two of which are from the bands glory days, one from hot topic

-The Rolling Stone mags with them on the cover

-A Gn'R throw blanket

-A jean jacket that is fucking awesome and apparently from the 88 tour

-Appetite on vinyl, with the banned cover

-Slash action figure

-All the albums on CD

...that's it. My girlfriend has a much bigger collection. I'm more of a Metallica person.

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