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What GN'R songs can you play?

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What Guns N' Roses songs can you play on whatever instrument you play?

I can play the Don't Cry intro, SCOM main riff, SCOM solo (until about 5 seconds after the wah comes in), SCOM chorus, Mr Brownstone main riff... I never really bother learning whole songs. :P

And at the moment I'm learning the SCOM solo still (gotta master it!) and Patience.

How about everyone else?

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every song..Album and B-sides...and rare and unrealeased...

as well as various differing live versions...

even intros and jams...


Don't cry


Nov. Rain





Not that good..but I can play the intro for Locomotive. My drumemr taught me

I can bluff my way through the slow songs..

Openings for RQ, DTJ, bits and pieces of most of their songs really..

I can sing any note axl can hit...but i don't really sound like him..i sound more like shannon hoon.

one or two songs (the right way): on bass

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i will play any Gnr song on the drums except double talkin Jive i cant seem to get that down  <_< ...maybe i can be there next drummer  :P

If that ever happend i would invite every single person on this board to a huge BBQ at my house and let you guys have a free concert for wating for CD...just dont get ur hopes up  :P


Haha fun :)

Zepsun: EVERY SONG?!??! Haha you should take Robin Fincks place :P jk hehe

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Guest JohnUlmer

Patience, Estranged, Paradise City, Sweet Child O' Mine, Welcome to the Jungle, Don't Cry, Civil War, Rocket Queen, and main riffs of a few other songs (Mr. Brownstone, My Michelle, It's So Easy, etc.): all on guitar.

On piano, I can play November Rain.

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I dont learn other peoples songs unless my band members want to do a cover (so far we have only covered 3 Maiden songs, 1 Megadeth and 2 Metallica songs)

Why waist time learning other peoples song when you can spend that time writing your own songs  :D


because when you're at a party it helps to have an acoustic and know a little sublime.

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I can sing any note axl can hit...but i don't really sound like him


During the end of Estranged when Axl sings And all my "friends" said I was high. Can you hit that note because ive been told its a hard one todo as he stretches it out. I cant play or do anything musical.

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I can play:

Welcome to the Jungle


Mr. Brownstone

It's So Easy

Paradise City

Sweet Child O' Mine

Rocket Queen

Right Next Door to Hell

Live and Let Die

Garden of Eden

Dead Horse

Civil War


Knockin' on Heaven's Door

You Could Be Mine

I improvise bits of some of the songs above, and I also know a few odd riffs and solos from a few other G N'R songs.

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