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Dizzy Reed performing in Hartford, CT on April 2nd


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Dizzy Reed - performing music of Guns N Roses - 12+

Sunday, 4/2/06, 6:00PM EDT

Webster Theater

Hartford, CT, USA




Hookers & Blow featuring Dizzy Reed of GNR

A Tribute to Guns N' Roses

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I hate to tell you guys, but there are no upcoming GNR tours. I do not just go by any single website. But I have checked many venues and upcoming shows. There just is not ample time to have GNR in the mix. The venues are either in use, or would be unfitted to use at that time for a concert. The point it, there is just not enough venue space available at this point. This will be a big year for music. But not just because of GNR. I don't know how they could launch a world tour. These things don't just come together on one day, or one week, or one month. Something just doesn't fit. Going back to Axl's intrepid statement, "you'll here music this year". I am watching Fortus' and Reed's schedual's as they will speak volumes of what is to come, and what is not.

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Um, I definitely think some people are overanalyzing this. Doesn't Dizzy have shows with Happenin' Harry/Hookers and Blow all the time? I'm actually going to one this Thursday, the 23rd. My friend's band, Orion 9, is opening up for them at Leo's Bar and Grill in Romeoville, IL.

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