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johnny lightning cars


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was hangin' out at Toys R Us and like my bro totally saw these little johnny lightning cars that were like, guns n roses. one was an appetite one, and the other a use your illusion one. there're really cool. one's a '77 oldsmobile delta 88 and the other's a '71 chevy vega. really cool. couldn't find them on amazon

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found these:





one place said $45.00..another said $3.75, and another said $5.95

:o I need to buy all of them......... link please :tongue2:

you definitely have a strange fetish! <_<

if there were condoms in a yellow-red colour with a star on the top of it...would you still buy it? :lol:

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Whomever said something about a condom:

I used to have a Prince 'Purple Rain' condom.

Used to have :o Dont tell me you ruined a valuable collectable :no:

Its a good idea though, i'd like a couple of artist condoms

Led Zeppelin -Whole Lotta Love

Barry White- I'm Qualified To Satisfy You :chef:

Micheal Jackson - Thriller....For adult use only :shades:

:drevil: or a Stevie Wonder condom for ugly chicks :xmassrudolph:

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