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i ordered estranged last week on amazon

they had a few there

but i reccomend getting the dvds if you wanna watch them, the tapes are all old now and on mine the sounds fuck up every now and again :(

ah, shame about that. cheers then.

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Again, this has not been released on DVD, so if you buy a dvd of it, it's just a pirated bootleg.

yeah, i wouldn't buy them if i was getting the dvds, but would trading them be illegal, 'cause i think AF said that the dvds are illegal 'cause they're just from the official released vids. anyone got the dvds?

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It's part 3 by the way. I'm looking to buy it too.

In fact I need to complain to Amazon as my Don't Cry video hasn't arrived and I ordered it in September :anger:

No. In fact part 3 was never made. Only part 1,2 and 4 ;)

Oh, I see. Thanks :)

well i heard that there was one for breakdown but it never really happened

but it is part 4

if you are buying on amazon then be aware that sometimes you are not buying from amazon but independent sellers, just like ebay but with a fixed price :)

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