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ill post updates when there posted on here today gone to hell

first off show is full

band is nailing it tonight

on Blues and Down on the Farm Axl sounded great

1. Jungle

2. Easy

3. Brownstone




7. Robin Solo


9. Piano Jam

10. Dizzy Solo

11. The Blues

12. Robin Solo #2

13. Better

14. Band Intros

15. Beautiful

16. Out Ta Get Me

17. Piano Jam #2

18. November Rain

19. DOWN ON THE FARM (Where everything smells like horse shit!!) lol sorry had 2 do that

20. Dont Cry Solo

21 Rocket Queen

22. IRS

23. My Michelle With Baz

24. Your Crazy (Lies Version)

25. Used To Love Her

26. Patience

27. Nightrain


1 Chinese Democracy

2. Paradise City


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Thanks for setlist Welcome To the Jungle! This is my first post.

I was at the show too. It's after 4 am and I am still awake. What a Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody that walked out of the Big Sandy Superstore arena tonight and said they did'nt get their money's worth is a liar! "Down on the Farm" was definitely a surprise. rock3

I have been reading posts from other shows and people are always bitching about what time Axl hits the stage - get over over it! He hit the stage about 11:15 tonight but Papa Roach didn't finish their set until around 10:40. There was no more wait between acts at this concert than any other concert I have been to in the last 12 years.

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yes I was there....fucking amazing!!! I FUCKING lost it when they played down on the farm!!!!!Axl said that song hasn't been played since 1993!!!!

Attended and completely BLOWN AWAY!!! I read the posts on here about the times of Axl hitting the stage and set lists and all the rest but this was amazing! Honestly, after reading a lot of what was posted regarding attendance for the shows, same old and etc. I was expecting a little crap in one fashion or the other. They started by my watch at 11:11 PM and played until 1:39 AM.....UNBELIEVABLE! The crowd was pumped, the band seemed pumped and a set list I never thought I would hear in one show. I just hope the remaining shows are half as good as this one was the MACK DADDY of the shows so far (from what I have read). What a Friday night! My ears are still ringing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Axl's voice was amazing and strong. Need I go on? Worth every penny and wish they were coming back to the area but unfortunately they are not. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!

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