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What's up guys?

Ok, so a lot of you remember the story I posted about meeting Bumblefoot at the NJ show last Sunday. Well, through some last minute wheelin and dealin I will more than likley be attending the Guns N Roses afterparty 2night after the MSG concert I'm not saying where it is (cause that would be giving away TOO much ) but I promise that if I go I will have tons of stories and hopefully some pics if they let me bring my camera in. The only thing I won't be doing is posting any more information that i may find out about CD. I kinda created a mini shitstorm with my story being posted on almost EVERY SINGLE Guns forum and I actually got a direct email from him where we talked about the situation lol. Well, I hope all goes well and I hope to have a ton of stories for all of you by 2morrow. Wish me luck guys!!!


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