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  1. Everything. You cited rising numbers and I'm saying, "so what." Numbers without context are meaningless.
  2. I thought his appearance in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was a lot of fun. Maybe something for GTA6?
  3. Videos like this make me glad the internet exists.
  4. That's a bummer. I'd still prioritize protecting the vulnerable all the same. ZoSo Rose, are you a Led Zeppelin fan and a Guns N' Roses fan? If so, I started my musical fan journey with Led Zeppelin and then found GNR.
  5. And? Are the bodies piling in the streets? Are hospital beds filled beyond capacity to handle to surge of gravely stricken patients? So what? And I quote "The researchers found that the age-specific infection fatality rate was extremely low among children and young adults, measuring 0.002% at age 10 and 0.01% at 25. However, the rate progressively increased with age, growing from 0.4% at 55 to around 15% at 85." https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/89750 Why not protect the vulnerable and have everyone else monitor their own health (don't be fat).
  6. I did and I'm glad you mentioned that. Everything I've read is that the Covid vaccine will be an annual shot like the Flu vaccine every year. https://www.sciencefocus.com/news/coronavirus-not-going-to-be-a-disease-like-smallpox-which-could-be-eradicated-by-vaccination/ “This is a virus that is going to be with us forever in some form or another and almost certainly will require repeated vaccinations,” he said. “So, a bit like flu, people will need re-vaccination at regular intervals.” I mentioned you might as well solve food hunger. If certain developing countries can't
  7. All of it seem amusing to me. The two of you seem a bit on the crazy side of things. Global vaccination seems like an ambitious goal. Let's solve world hunger while we're at it. I'm sure there are some countries that would be happy to have billions of other people's money in "aid" to make that remotely feasible. Here's an inspiration quote for the day; http://img.picturequotes.com/2/474/473316/foreign-aid-is-taking-money-from-the-poor-people-of-a-rich-country-and-giving-it-to-the-rich-people-quote-1.jpg
  8. I'm not saying it did him in at all. I don't think the Fox and Friends did either but let's go with the narrative. I don't care. I've seen less evidence contribute to the Covid-19 death statistics. I swear not all my jokes involve making light of the past year. I'm not positive though. I'm with you brother. That's not my call. You'll have to bark up another tree.
  9. Which part is most bonkers? "A Fox & Friends host linked Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to the death of Prince Philip just minutes after the announcement by Buckingham Palace, saying their recent public comments had “evidently” added to the 99-year-old’s “stress”. Between the accusations brought up in the interview (don't ask, I didn't watch it), I can see how that might cause a person additional unwelcome stress, which certainly didn't improve his health. Seems like a reasonable conclusion https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fox-and-friends-prince-phillip-
  10. I hope Spring/Early summer tours look like this, even after declared pandemic period is over. I'd take a concert in this environment (as long as weather holds up) over any cramped theatre any day of the week. That looks like a lot of fun I've seen variations of that using parking lots (drive in concert) but I haven't see a picture that focused solely on the audience like this one.
  11. Again, more insults and bringing up topics that have nothing to do with Covid-19 or Guns N' Roses. What's boring is responding to trolls like you. Your posts are trash. God bless. No matter what songs the band plays, I hope they play them well. Songs are key, but strong performances seem even more important. There is likely nothing the band can play that we haven't heard at some point (minus new songs of course). Still optimistic the North American tour happens at least in part.
  12. Can you imagine though what would happen the first time Paradise City wasn't the last song played? I'm sure there's more than just me that like to skate out while the last song is in progress to beat the traffic (1 minute vs 60+ to get out). It would be a mega bummer to miss the majority of the show.
  13. Did you read any of the articles? Geez person on the internet. You seem to be pure troll trash and as I much as I want to drag this on with you, you bore me. Either say something substantial or don't. Either way, you've proved you have nothing to contribute. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33215698/ + There is uncertainty about the effects of face masks. The low-moderate certainty of the evidence means our confidence in the effect estimate is limited, and that the true effect may be different from the observed estimate of the effect. + There were no clear differences between th
  14. I don't understand the need for insults and brining up completely unrelated topics (lizard people, flat earth, all that). It's sad for me to see that people are completely comfortable believing whatever their government tells them without question. Money talks and when the poor have gotten poorer and the rich have only gotten richer during this time, I believe it's healthy to have some skepticism. There seems to be a (hopefully) small amount of people that would be satisfied with a perpetual lockdown. Why should I have much faith in government to begin with and organizations that have prov
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