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  1. https://nypost.com/2021/07/16/diabetics-make-up-40-of-covid-deaths-in-us-experts-say/ Just a friendly reminder; Don't be fat or poison your body - and you'll have the best chance of surviving COVID-19 and anything else life throws at you.
  2. If Pearl Jam is your jam, then you can own the complete shows from both nights. https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-pearl-jam-wrigley-field-chicago-il-08-20-2016-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/14399.html#q=wrigley%2Bfield&lang=default&start=1 https://www.nugs.net/live-download-of-pearl-jam-wrigley-field-chicago--il-08-22-2016-mp3-flac-or-online-music-streaming/14400.html?cgid=ARTIST-321#srule=newest&start=25&sz=12
  3. Wait a second.... With this new line-up we'll finally see a GNR and Van Halen on the same tour. Wasn't that a rumor in the early 2010s or something like that with a return to stadium rock for GNR?
  4. Definitely bummed things didn't work out as intended. I'm hoping this announcement gives a jolt of positive energy that was lacking with the rescheduled dates. I've rarely enjoyed an outdoor concert. I can't think of a single indoor show I walked away not satisfied. I was last row and couldn't be further from the stage with AC/DC and Axl Rose - but still a great time, decent view, and excellent sound. Outdoor shows tend to be crap, sound wise and visually. This is positive. But without me there. Probably
  5. I'm really confused. Are the previous announced dates cancelled? Now kicking off on July 31st, 2021, at Hersheypark Stadium, the tour consists of 14 additional dates and will feature Wolfgang Van Halen’s new band, Mammoth WVH, in their touring debut. 13 July < 31 July, WTF? Did all dates prior to 31 July get cancelled or is this a poorly written article?
  6. Well, looks like GNR in WDC should happen. Nationals ballpark just announced starting 10 June the ballpark will be 100% capacity. Fully vaccinated = No mask; Not = Magic masks Good times.
  7. There's different ways to do things - I get that. But it seems odd to pretend there's not mountains of material out there. If a person wants to see a killer clip of the UYI tour - why would you want them to go to questionable websites or buy bootlegs? I'd think having things on youtube are the best of the bad options (best option = release it for sale). Don't encourage people to buy expensive Japanese bootlegs or go to websites that might harm their computer or very illegal. I don't get it. I don't get it.
  8. If we're highlighting wins from around the world - I think we should start with UFC 261 Winning! With Texas and Nevada opening up soon, which will hopefully domino to other states, who knows what's possible?
  9. Have you tried ExpressVPN? I've had good luck with it to watch HBO Max (ignoring any difficultly in paying for it if you need a valid US address)
  10. I recall listening to the Boston/Albany radio promo with the Chinese Democracy and Madagascar snippets over and over and just imagining what the rest of the album would sound like. I can't find it online and it's entirely possible it's a sped up and modified version of leaks out there. From my memory the radio promo doesn't sound like any of the leaks I've heard so far. Have the base tracks for the radio snippet been leaked?
  11. Everything. You cited rising numbers and I'm saying, "so what." Numbers without context are meaningless.
  12. I thought his appearance in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was a lot of fun. Maybe something for GTA6?
  13. Videos like this make me glad the internet exists.
  14. That's a bummer. I'd still prioritize protecting the vulnerable all the same. ZoSo Rose, are you a Led Zeppelin fan and a Guns N' Roses fan? If so, I started my musical fan journey with Led Zeppelin and then found GNR.
  15. And? Are the bodies piling in the streets? Are hospital beds filled beyond capacity to handle to surge of gravely stricken patients? So what? And I quote "The researchers found that the age-specific infection fatality rate was extremely low among children and young adults, measuring 0.002% at age 10 and 0.01% at 25. However, the rate progressively increased with age, growing from 0.4% at 55 to around 15% at 85." https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/89750 Why not protect the vulnerable and have everyone else monitor their own health (don't be fat).
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