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  1. Well darn but not unexpected. I'm sure it's going to be a while before a stranger within 6 feet will not feel like a threat. Who knows when large gatherings will feel normal across a diverse crowd.
  2. I really dig the editing on this (and the previous). In my opinion, so many live videos are poorly edited. I like this stuff. Videos for the screen and the in person audience is different than what a video release should be - in my opinion. Very different requirements. Really digging Live and Let Die. Shadow of Your Love. Nice. I haven't really listened to this. This live version inspires me to go back Black Hole Sun. Killer Knockin' on Heavens Door. Inspirational Paradise City. Muy bien I'm guessing this is it if they already got to Paradise City. Here
  3. If Summer 2021 tour doesn't happen I'd be more disappointed in the state of America than the state of the band. I can't wait to see them in concert!
  4. A holy grail in my book would be more specific than hoping for something to exist. The holy grail aspect is something that has more proof of existence. Briefly thinking about it, I'll label it categories of things that have been partially released that would be great if there was more of the same, something talked about for release but never happened, or briefly available but pulled. Partially been released but want more - more of the material used for Live Era 87 - 93. Maybe a volume two with separate AFD and UYI era release. Something talked about but never came to fruition - Pe
  5. Is this from the same source that gave us a studio demo of Cornshucker?
  6. On 22 July 2020, there was no (public at least) indications that Taylor Swift had a new album coming out. On 23 July it was announced and it was available a day later. The Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions (Disney+ special) had a similar announcement to release timeframe. Anything is possible. Be like Taylor Swift
  7. Watching this as I type. My first thought is that they put more effort into the video angles used and the editing with this round. I don't recall seeing the video screens for any length of time previously - I appreciate that. I really enjoyed the song selections and sound. I thought the performances were great all around. Willis1988, I attributed that as an editing choice to showcase the main video screen and not really to avoid Axl close-ups. I'm fairly confident in saying, home video feed and in stadium video feed are entirely different. The in-stadium feed would be for the
  8. I think the only way "new record" and "Guns N' Roses" will ever be in the same sentence will be in relation to the amount of time between major releases TSI > Chinese Democracy // 15 Years Use Your Illusion > Chinese Democracy // 17 Years Chinese Democracy > Present // 12 Years Getting close to breaking that record! )
  9. That is bonkers to think. The band played new tracks, what, four or five years after Slash left? That would be the same equivalent of a new song being played in 2013 or so - which definitely has not happened. I believe the VH1 Behind the Music had a line about how GNR could have been the new Rolling Stones. Can you imagine if GNR had that kind of work rate?
  10. I would see it more in the realm of being sarcastic. Another similar example might be telling Prince Management (when he was alive) that someone's playing his music in the background of a completely unrelated video. Like a scavenger hunt for the peeps that are into that sort of thing. The avatar is Robert Johnson, evidently only the 3rd known photo of him, just recently found. https://www.guitarworld.com/news/a-new-photo-of-robert-johnson-the-third-in-existence-has-been-uncovered
  11. Punching him in the nose would get your arrested and probably banned from the arena or future GNR concerts. I'd tell him how much I've enjoyed the leaks over the past few years - especially Hardschool, Perhaps, State of Grace, and all of the demos. I'd tell him how all of that and more is freely available on youtube and multiple other sites - and probably thank him for being so supportive of that community as the actual band is reluctant to make money. That's what I'd do.
  12. I think they have a solid first five songs as is - even if it's the same five songs played at the start of each concert for a while now. It's the middle songs I wouldn't mind a shuffle. But I wouldn't mind Right Next Door to Hell.
  13. We'll see if this ends up being the first GNR shows since the Rona started running wild. That's great news. I like optimistic plans for next year!
  14. My original account was username Spike Killer. I don't think I did anything stupid? But that was a long time ago. I'm 99% percent I registered it to my college email address (I think). Pretty sure I haven't used that since 2010. Is there any way to recover that account?
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