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Linkin Park


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A thread to the masters of mainstream/pop rapcore,Linkin Park

first of all,to enjoy them if you're over 12,you got to completly forget about taking the lyrics a least bit seriously,then all that remains aer catchy tunes with sing-along choruses

best songs:

One Step Closer

With You


In The End

A Place For My Head



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I wasn't a fan when they came out,my bf at the time used to hate their music so much..So i did the same.. :lol:

But when i heard In The End for the first time,i loved it!! So everything changed, and i today i respect them,their lyrics are brilliant and Chester's voice is amazing!

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I used to like them when I was about 14. I went through a phase when I kinda got into nu-metal. Not like most kids who listen to Limp Bizkit because it's the "cool thing" to do or whatever - I was kinda jumping on the train after it was already derailing, people were starting to lose interest in Limp when I began enjoying some of their music. But I quickly lost interest in both bands once I passed through my teenage angst period of 14 - 16. But I was never a huge fan either, I only listened to them once in a while.

I still think they're interesting. They have some pretty aggressive and unique songs. I just don't really like the vocals and I think they could do better, lyrically and musically, if they strove for something "more" than they are right now.

Same with Bizkit. Fred Durst is an asshole but there have been far worse vocalists.

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