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Axl needs to pick GNR's next manager VERY CAREFULLY


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I'd say give kaneda a shot, he seems to know everything and if he's keeping axl happy he's not bitching here.


I think Jarmo & Madison should have a fight to the death, and the winner gets to be manager.

I say we "co-manage" together. :D

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They should pick someone who really appreciated us.

What's the stroy behind Doug Goldstein ?

Iknow he was fired cause he scheduled a bunch of Euro-dates in 2002, without Axl beeing ready.

I somewhat feel Doug was fired the same way Merck was, he and Axl discussed how to deal with the situation they were at, and decided to blame the manager, for the band's best.

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Hmm - Bob Rock, or Rick Rubin?

Those are producers not managers.

Exactly, the last thing you want is a producer, because they could suggest other ways of doing things on the album. And that would be deja vu, don't we all agree? hehe

The GNR manager simply has to be someone who doesn't interfere with production of future albums and recordings, and someone who simply does things with a clear plan involving Axl and the other members.

Their job should be simple. Agree with the band when to promote a record, when to book tour dates, and agree on a feasible release date ~(although we do currently have a sensible one set for this album)

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Rick Ruben? <---pretty good. Mike Clink---:) Just some note-worthy names to throw out there. But unrealistic.

LMFAO, those guys are producers, not managers. where do you people come from?

Yeah after the fact I thought to myself, wtf I just stated some producers not mgrs. So I came back to this message to infact find that I was being called on it. Excuse my initial response to the post. :rolleyes:

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you lot really know nothing :)

some insights for you.

i) Niven was fired because he stood up to Axl. Axl wanted a yes man

ii) Goldstein was Axl's bodyguard and a yes man. That's why he got the job.

iii) Merck is a great manager and has done more to get this album into the shops that you will ever know

iv) The reason why it is late, and has been 14yrs in the making, is because Axl cannot get his act together

v) Sharon Osbourne met with Axl years ago (in Goldstein days) to discuss co-management. Axl offended her within minutes and she walked immediately.

vi) The reason the Euro tour was cancelled a few years back is because Universal rejected the record that had been delivered. Axl was in Goldstein's office, which he promptly trashed (which he had done several times before) and refused to go on tour.

The problem folks, is staring you right in the face, but you don't want to see it.

EDIT - aside from one brief meeting about an entirely different band many many years ago, I have nothing to do with Merck or Sanctuary.

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First of all it's got to be someone with a good reputation in the music industry, something Merck didn't have. Someone with a history of success.

Most importantly, if the album is really coming out in March, it's got to be someone who knows how to promote and knows how to do some serious damage control. The public perception of Axl coming into all this was in the shitter already, and by being the tool that he is, all Merck did was make that ten times worse.

If the album is coming out, then these next few months will be the most important months maybe in Axl's career. I hope he doesn't rush into the selection of the manager, because it could really make or break what could be a historic year for him.

Since Axl doesn't appear tokeep anyone in the loop or work on a schedule he might be his own best manager. hire people to do the jobs and legwork a managerdoes, but he should be in charge.

wha he really needs around him are people who can tell him the truth and not be cut off by him. People who don't depend on him for aliving maybe.

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Since GNR apparently needs a manager I had an idea. Why not have Del James manage GNR.

I'm just a fan, and I don't know anything about record company politics, but I think it would be a good thing.

Del James is the only person I have met that has more respect for GNR then the fans do. As a Fan I briefly met him once and he has alot of respect for GNR fans and he cares about the band.

Axl needs someone he can trust as a manager and Del seems to be one of the few people who hasn't or won't ever let Axl down.

I don't wan't to see a manager be hired who is just there to count the money for the record company. Why not have someone who cares about the band and already looks out for the bands interest.

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