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Songbird's sigs!

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Since other people had their threads I thought I'd start my own *pouts*

Ok, so most of the sigs I make aren't Gn'R related, but I'm willing to take requests if you like what you see and you give me the pics you want me to use. :ph34r:




I shall post more later if I get feedback!

PS: please do not tell me about how my sigs are girly! I've heard it all already. :P

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That Shannon sig is great,

Yeah, I agree!

Thanks for posting it Songbird (sorry I took a while to reply) :)

Thanks. :P

Lol, your sigs are pimp, but do you have any sigs that have to do with Guns N Roses... :):D But the cool nice job

I do! But like I said, most of them aren't Guns related. The idea was to post my sigs here and if people like them, they'll request. I've made like two Guns ones:




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It's an awesome sig! When you get some talent, then you can go ahead and criticise it. :)

Thanks. :)


That's a damn beaty ^_^ Even though it includes almost everything I hate in signatures :tongue2:

Very good work!

Hehe, thanks. What do you mean though? What is it that you hate? :P

Some more now:




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That Shannon sig is great,



can i have that one?? pretty please??

but instead of it saying axl rose can it say gnrfan001


pretty pretty please with a cherry on top :)

how the hell did that happened?


can i have the sig?

Edited by GNRfan001
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