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Recently been getting into Kamelot. Anyone else like them?

love them

wanted to go see them but cant afford it <_<

Go buy the DVD from Oslo... one of the best dvd shows i`v seen so far this year... great setlist.. great band.

I already got it ^_^

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I guess i'm wired wrong or something, cause I just make myself get into tool... I like their songs.. when it's an actual song.. but all that ambeint shit they try to do leaves me with a migrane and wondering why I spent my money on this crap when I coulda bought some music... I do like perfect circle though.. cause of Maynards voice.. but whatever... to each his own, I like slipknot, you like tool... thats what makes teh metal world go fuckin round... hell, if it was all supposed to be liked by everybody they'd dumb it down, loose the musicians and call it rap, right? rock3

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