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  1. definantly that intro is great all of them are incredable but I dont see how anything else could be the first single unless it is somthing we havent heard yet
  2. Bumblefoot is desperate for an 'image'... tries too hard

    I just saw the show in detroit last night these guys were faking every solo they cant touch slash but they did great on the new songs
  3. regarding these demo leaks

    thats a great way to look at it rember the hollywood rose versions of reckless life and anything goes fuckin garbage
  4. Axl - at the top of his game at RIR?

    thats great news bro, I was wondering if it would even be smart to buy a ticket because when I saw him in detroit in 2002 he got pissed and cut the show short when his P A cut out a little after showing up an hour and a half late... thanks
  5. Will we get a Single before September ??

    yeah just like in 2002 well the palace in detroit had alot of empy seats anyways
  6. Message From Bumblefoot.

    remember when people thought i was axl lol
  7. anyone seen this video? from the acoustic gig

    thanks that was great...
  8. HOOBASTANK cover "Civil War"

    its garbage,what a bunch of bitches
  9. Axl's attitude toward fans

    yeah except for that poor girl he blasted with a wiskey bottle
  10. Who would you like to open for GNR

    I dont care as long as I dont have to sit through another CKY set they fuckin suck.
  11. Is it a matter of time before we hear some rap....?

    Axl ft.Eminem that would be cool
  12. Rolling Stone MAG reviews leaked DEMOS

    catcher sucks ass
  13. "Better (Demo/Instrumental)" Discussion Thread

    hey guys the track is the real deal, did the better you guys had have the outro solo on it?
  14. I just called meltdown in detroit 101 the wrif and he knows nothing of the single
  15. axl pic-

    it looks like it was taken in a club thanks for the pic bro