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  1. They just released a few more tickets if anyones interrested! Catching the train soon as well!
  2. Strolling around, still haven't found a place where there's any lithographs left. Got it inside the venue
  3. Tonight's the night! Really excited. Haven't decided When to take the train yet, train takes about 2 hours. when are they usually opening the merch stands?
  4. If you buy tickets on ticketmaster you'll have the option to get the tickets emailed to you so that you can print it out yourself or just have it in your smart phone, either in your mail or in the ticketmaster app. Good luck!
  5. There's newly released tickets available at, Personally I'd rather buy those than risk buying false tickets outside the stadium.
  6. God damn, I almost hope the lithos for Sweden and Denmark are fugly... How am I supposed to protect that in GC/GA?
  7. Copenhagen is indeed a wonderful city. I wonder if anyone from the band are visiting Christiania I was thinking about going there myself but figure since I'll go alone I'll just get to the Stadium and settle for beer.
  8. It's the white one right? I've only seen black ones before. Next week gonna be awesome!
  9. Looks like I'll have to leave before the show has ended to catch the train at 23.46. How long does the walk between the stadium to Österport station take?
  12. Was also thinking of going to this show, had to decide against it. Copenhagen and Stockholm will do. Hoping for another great show for all those attending!
  13. Yeah, then there's Hooray for Horrorwood that became Dead in Hollywood and Galactic Chicken Shit became Slit my Wrist. And also I love to say fuck, 197666, ,kill miss america, twist my sister, let's go to war and die my bride. Might've forgot some. Actually, now that I'm going through the FDQ songs on Spotify I remember liking a lot more than "a dozer or so songs". Crazy going through these songs so many years after I listened regularly. What are some of the better newer songs from W13? Misfits was also a big early teens band for me. Never really got into any albums of them as I just downloaded whichever songs I thought had a cool name/what I could find I guess. From the Famous Monsters album I listened to Dust to Dust, Saturday Night, Helena, Hunting Humans, Scarecrow Man and Scream. Other songs from other albums: Die my Darling, Astro Zombies, Hatebreeder, we are 138, mommy can I go out and kill tonight, skulls, hybrid moments, some kinda hate, where eagles dare, bullet, attitude, last caress, american psycho, dig up her bones, Shining, this magic moment
  14. Their first five albums are all the Aerosmith I need and want. I might like a song or two on later records but they're nowhere close to the 73-77 albums quality wise. Magnificent 5 year period that was, among the best of any band ever.
  15. Joey Bada$$ - ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$