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    Hello ten second screams, meet over 20 seconds scream
  2. On the subject of celebrity domestic abuse/victim blaming:
  3. Caroline Winberg is the same swedish model Axl was partying with in Stockholm 2006 where he bit that security guards leg. They've been friends for at least ten years.
  4. Hey man, that's rude. Thoselooklikelovely couples and for all we know could be members of this site.
  5. Would you mind posting updates on which songs he plays?
  6. How would you recommend me getting to and from the Stadium? I'll be staying in tribeca (it's the first time I'm in the states). Bus, Taxi, train? Have inmind that I know virtually nothing.
  7. More Openers Announced!

    Wolfmother's great but Lenny'll do for me.
  8. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    Does Axl, Slash, Duff and Fortus all wear the same model of shoes?
  9. Scott on Axl after the VR split: "...the same story that they did with Axl Rose intheir last band, where the lead singer was being demonised? Originally I thought:“What a hooray for tolerance! he must have been. What an evil man.” But you know what? I have tosay that I have an entirely different opinion of him today." That’s a turnaround. Last year you verbally laid into him in a very public manner. "But y’know what? That was a long time ago and I’d heard a lot of stories. But thereare two sides to every story, and having been in this band I actually feel for the guyand understand him a whole lot more."
  10. Yah, but I rather they play a VR cover than a The Who cover.
  11. Sweet! I hope they play Slither and Coma on Slash's birthday.
  12. I just hope they don't "like" it the same way they "liked" My world.
  13. Your favorite bad movies?

    Pootie Tang!
  14. Frozen 2 and LGBT activists

    The answer to not having gays everywhere is to have them nowhere at all. Got it! Contact the West Baptist Church, they'll help you out with the picket signs. NO FAGS IN OUR CARTOONS!
  15. Frozen 2 and LGBT activists

    Really? I wouldsee no problem with this. Thankfully kids are a bit more open minded than adults. I'm sure the idea is not to turn Frozen into Game of Thrones. Love in Disney movies is nothing more than a kiss and living happily ever after anyway. It's not playing with kids minds, it's neutralizing homosexuality in a way. Why be against that? I don't watcheither Frozen or Bond movies but if I did, I certainly wouldn't give a fuck if Bond was black or there were a gay charachter in a kids movie.