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  1. Disagree. If it was called Autism Sucks I'd agree, but that it rocks? Fuck yeah, it's super positive. "Autism Rocks - For a world where people on the autistic spectrum are able to reach their true potential." "Autism Rocks is a United Kingdom-based charitable organization founded by Sanjay Shah[1] to raise awareness about autism through charitable music events. All funds raised by Autism Rocks will go to the Autism Research Trust, which in turn supports research by the Autism Research Centre at Cambridge University. Autism Rocks gained international popularity after organizing an event[2] with late music artist Prince. The Guardian reported[3]that Prince 'love-bombed' the crowd. Artists such as Zayn Malik,[4] Lenny Kravitz,[5] Snoop Dogg and Ricky Martin[6] have also participated. With the help of the Dubai government, Autism Rocks is building a permanent venue for music events in Dubai, to be called the Autism Rocks Arena,[7]" You wanna know terrible venue names? T-Mobile Arena, Ford Field, FedEx Field, Nissan Stadium, Gilette Stadium, Metlife St, Mercedes Benz SD, AT&T st. etc. etc.
  2. Late answer, just went back in the thread to look for the vest. But yeah I got that one, didn't notice the price tag. Easily my most expensive shirt but the quality is super good and it looks great.
  3. Yeah I was thinking that as well. That was the worry, looks really odd with the "patch". Couldn't remember if it was at John Varvatos? Leather part's cool but ultimately not worth that price.
  4. I bet Axl thinks that Steven's the asshole and that he just doesn't want to hang out or speak around him. I'm the same way when I'm around someone that I think is an asshole. I don't blame him. It sucks though. And I can see it from Steven's perspective as well. Bummer.
  5. I got them for christmas when I was 14-15 I think. It quickly became an everyday routine to watch/listen to it. Started every morning with blasting it on the TV while brushing my teeth before school. Before I got the dvds I had only really heard the biggest hits so it was the first time I heard several songs.
  6. Does anybody have any other pics of the denim vest? This is the only one I found except for the photoshop on the web store.
  7. No way, he gets way more cash doing GN'R than ACDC. In GNR Axl is "Angus/the Boss", in ACDC, Axl is "Frank/the employee". This is not the end of GN'R in any way.
  8. I guess it's just being happy for what you get instead of sad for what you don't. We would be absolutely madly happy to get a GNR album, but we're alright with AxlDc being a bonus, which has potential to be pretty good.
  9. I can respect that but then there really is no reason for you to provoke people in this thread.
  10. I'm not a fan of AC/DC either. My interrest in them is only thanks to Axl. Axl's voice made those songs better IMO. ACDC plays mostly high tempo rockers and that suits Axl's voice greatly (Appetite for Destruction...) and I'd be very interrested in hearing the result. If it wasn't good enough I'd just not listen to that record. But I wouldn't get angry or start trolling AC/DC forums just because it wasn't what I wanted. And I'd still try to catch a live show.
  11. Oh, trust us. So would we, absolutely every single one of us. But there's no rumours about that, it's only realistic in the way that they are all alive, but nothing else seems to speak for it. Not a single person on this forum has ever wanted Angus/Axl over the AFD5, that's not what we are saying at all. Is that what you guys think we're saying?
  12. Ok, let's say Axl answer for not making any more GNR records is because "he doesn't feel like it" or that it "does'nt inspire him" and he thinks what they've come up with isn't worthy of calling it GNR so he simply does not release it. I don't know why you as a GNR fan would need ACDCs fans thoughts on this, but let's be realistic. Some will hate it, some will not care for it, some will enjoy it and some will think it's the best ever. So you're not a fan of Axl's voice? Only a fan of his band from 87-91. Then your answer is "yes I would rather have nothing at all than something that's not GNR87-91." I have no idea why anyone would bring Britney Spears and her 20 year old song into this discussion, are there any rumours that I've totally missed about that?
  13. As a GNR fan asking other GNR fans. In a world where GNR don't put out any new music, would you not want to hear Axl voice on some other recording? For example GNR are not planning to release anything in the coming years. Would you rather not hear Axl's voice at all than on some new ACDC release? When it comes to Axl's voice in a recorded format, would you rather have nothing over something?
  14. What is it with people needing an "ignore button" to be able to ignore posts on message boards? Don't they have any self control at all? I ignore people all the time, it's one of the reasons I don't post as much as I used to, both here and elsewhere. I simply can't be bothered with some of the shit people say, especially when it comes to GN'R. Are these people the same way IRL?
  15. Jonathan Bernier thought Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest hockey players of all time.