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  1. Sweden seems to be sold out, I guess except for VIP/Platinum tickets which I didn't check for but regular tickets are sold out I think.
  2. I'm wondering about that Holiday Sweater as well. Does anyone know if the front is printed on or knitted? Looks knitted to me, but i wanna know for sure. Also like GoBucky said. how's the size? And another question about the official store in general, have anybody ordered from it and shipped to Europe/Sweden? How long did it take? How much did the shipping cost? Asked yesterday in another thread but that one got locked with my post removed, mod, next time just please shoot me a pm or just move the post, deleting it and not saying anything was bullshit, it wouldn't take that long.
  3. Regular standing tickets for me, might try to upgrade on friday to Golden Circle.
  4. Attending as well. Not sure I will ever pay a larger sum for a single ticket but Golden Circle it is!
  5. I don't think they have "Danske Bank" in Chilè but I'm pretty certain that Axl wore his leg brace still in Denmark. I guess only on stage?
  6. The thing is, there are maniacs in the world. Some of those maniacs are drawn to celebrities for different reasons. I guess I'm in the minority whodon't give a shit about having private planes or not. However, I do want the musicians I admireto be as safe as possible from said maniacs.
  7. I guess John Lennon made the right choice not having a body guard. And Dimebag for that matter. Served them pussies right!

    Hello ten second screams, meet over 20 seconds scream
  9. On the subject of celebrity domestic abuse/victim blaming:
  10. Caroline Winberg is the same swedish model Axl was partying with in Stockholm 2006 where he bit that security guards leg. They've been friends for at least ten years.
  11. Hey man, that's rude. Thoselooklikelovely couples and for all we know could be members of this site.
  12. Would you mind posting updates on which songs he plays?
  13. How would you recommend me getting to and from the Stadium? I'll be staying in tribeca (it's the first time I'm in the states). Bus, Taxi, train? Have inmind that I know virtually nothing.
  14. More Openers Announced!

    Wolfmother's great but Lenny'll do for me.