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  1. 2nd gig in a row (after Lisbon) and it was better, crowd was amazing (Lisbon was great but this was really amazing). Still no twat
  2. Better Single Steven Adler's Book (Signed by him) Tommy Stinson last album I'm not trying to profit or whatever, i need to sell my stuff and i would like it to go to die-hard fans like you guys. I'm based in Europe but it should not be too expensive to send to America. Just throw me a offer if you want something.
  3. Got tickets. Golden Circle in Lisbon Pit for Madrid and London OH YEAH
  4. Thinking about flying from Portugal to the Maracana show
  5. beer here costs 0.60$, and our country is amazing so what's your point? Come visit soon Portugal.
  6. In AC/DC he played to thousands of people jumping and enjoying, not people dancing in front of their pit's seat
  7. Looking at this and the stupid american seats on the pit thing
  8. Only in america we see this, i never saw something like this in Europe, seats on the field, what the hell