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  1. I could be wrong but from memory there was a snippet audience recording of when he sung Dead Flowers with GIlby? Might be mistaken though. Certainly there is the photo from the time though.
  2. yeah its a bit weird. but at the same time, the older you get, this is quite common too from my experience.
  3. Are the prices in the same range as the previous ticket prices for NITL tour? If so then that is crazy imo. For multiple reasons, they already cashed in during the first few rounds of the tour, not touring on the back on anything so same old stuff, the 'reunion' vibe surely can't sell tickets as easily now, and on the back of a pandemic when huge numbers of their fans would be well out of pocket compared to normal.
  4. This is gold, love it. Particularly as I imagine most involved probably barely remember cassettes or perhaps have even ever used one.
  5. Gary Clark Jr is supporting them in Aus and I think NZ. Wasn't planning on seeing Guns this tour for all the normal reasons that have been echo'd in the forum , but with him in tow I'll probably do it, however I'm hoping GCJ uses this to do some of his own gigs as well.
  6. New pickups, well online orders. Violent Femmes - Add it Up Rag n Bone Man - Bluestown EP Little Simz - Grey Area Black Keys - Delta Kreme Robert Pete Williams - S/T 1971 Should all be arriving soon
  7. Hmmm. I'd do similar to what Mendez said. A good quality audio interface over the real deal amp, along with Guitar Rig or whatever. My personal preference is Amplitube, works well, sounds great, lots of options. When I'm not using my amp and doing basic recording, its guitar > pedal board > audio interface > DAW w/ Ampltube. Then headphones for out (but studio monitors etc work well). Audio interface will make life easier for tracking bass and shit as well. I personally don't bother with the amplitude pedals and shit, and just use my pedal board and a classic amp that suits
  8. This is brilliant. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be ensuring I get a copy too. Love the first VF album too, unfortunately my copy is ancient and has been listened to heavily over the years (and moved continents with me) and skips n' pops like a motherfucker. Need to replace that.
  9. Yup, I'm the same. Was excited by said leaks, but they're pretty underwhelming in hindsight. It's simple, if they intend to release music, they just need to get in a studio and record. It doesn't have to be a grandiose master piece, or over thought, or anything. IMO it will sell regardless, whilst it will also get canned regardless of whether it's amazing or not. IMO they just got to decide if they want to do a record, and just spend a month tops in a studio recording - not a hard ask when they have their own studios, have all the equipment, plenty of time and money on their hands etc.
  10. Yup, and they're terrible at it. They've also had ample time to do this too imo. It's why I can't really class them as a band. Until new music is released, they aren't a band and if they continue doing NITL with the same tired setlists, they are an irrelevant nostalgia band (in my eyes). Always hold hope that new music will happen, but it appears increasingly unlikely.
  11. Picked up Guadalupe Platta box set recently, which basically contains all their albums to date. Mainly did it for their first record which costs a fortune, is brilliant, and well out of print. Preordered the new Black Keys album which I'm crazy excited about, I've been gagging for them to do a record like that for about 10 odd years now, and I'm a big fan of Kenny Brown and Eric Deaton. On that note, also preordered Robert FInley Sharecropper's Son, also pumped for.
  12. Cool. Not going to watch it, as I quite enjoy receiving the TMR stuff with nfi what I'm in store for.
  13. Yeah nothing on there that gets me excited at all. St Vincent is cool though, fantastic guitarist. I'd be interested in RATM The Battle of Mexico City (but tbh I'm always wary of live albums), and then the Beastie Boys Aglio E Olio. But those two are scrapping at the bottom of the barrel for me. Slightly off topic - how do y'all store your boxsets? Not a fan of the format (big old cardboard boxes with loads of stuff inside), but I do have a number of them through subscriptions as well as bands that have released entire catalogs etc. Made the decision to just ditch the boxes recently
  14. Why they haven't released a single, Hardschool if needs be, during the covid madness is beyond me. Just one single would get everyone pumped, doesn't have to lead to an album etc. Just one song since the NITL tour finished would have done wonders, for casual fans, as well as us gnr nerds. But nope. Too hard, and too much effort I suppose.
  15. Yup that's my position in NZ too. I actually haven't even bumped into others who are even considering going, last time they were here it was the opposite. Some folk i've mentioned the upcoming gigs too didn't even realise they were coming, and pretty much just shrugged it off. Definitely a monumental cash grab, seeing as at the time of booking Aus & NZ were the few countries out there that were looking positive for tours/crowds/etc. Crazy prices for tickets to watch the same show as last time too, nope thanks
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