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  1. Cool. Not going to watch it, as I quite enjoy receiving the TMR stuff with nfi what I'm in store for.
  2. Yeah nothing on there that gets me excited at all. St Vincent is cool though, fantastic guitarist. I'd be interested in RATM The Battle of Mexico City (but tbh I'm always wary of live albums), and then the Beastie Boys Aglio E Olio. But those two are scrapping at the bottom of the barrel for me. Slightly off topic - how do y'all store your boxsets? Not a fan of the format (big old cardboard boxes with loads of stuff inside), but I do have a number of them through subscriptions as well as bands that have released entire catalogs etc. Made the decision to just ditch the boxes recently
  3. Why they haven't released a single, Hardschool if needs be, during the covid madness is beyond me. Just one single would get everyone pumped, doesn't have to lead to an album etc. Just one song since the NITL tour finished would have done wonders, for casual fans, as well as us gnr nerds. But nope. Too hard, and too much effort I suppose.
  4. Yup that's my position in NZ too. I actually haven't even bumped into others who are even considering going, last time they were here it was the opposite. Some folk i've mentioned the upcoming gigs too didn't even realise they were coming, and pretty much just shrugged it off. Definitely a monumental cash grab, seeing as at the time of booking Aus & NZ were the few countries out there that were looking positive for tours/crowds/etc. Crazy prices for tickets to watch the same show as last time too, nope thanks
  5. Its a cool clip, but why people hoard this shit is beyond me. It's very very tiny niche circles where maybe it's worth money, and this stuff surely loses value the more GNR become insignificant within the industry and even fans not really giving a fuck now but enjoying snippets they haven't seen if it happens to pop up. That small niche circle must just get smaller and smaller too. Cool clip, couldnt care less about the full show. Most of the performances then were same setlists throughout. I'd encourage hoarders to grow up and think the same lol, a grainy VHS show of tour we've all witne
  6. Dunno, but you're right. Everyone generally is reacting that it was RH that blocked people from trading. I can't use RH due to my location, but mine was also blocked - due to all the halts that kept getting put on GME by the stock exchange. Fact that RH is tainted with that brush now, means they'll lose large portions of their user base which impacts their income obviously.
  7. No but they will lose a shit load of users, and their reputation is shot. Good points though.
  8. I agree with OP. It took me years n' years to shake GnR from me. I now clock in here once in a blue moon to see if there are any specific updates, and sometimes not even that - it's a quick google search for news. Wish and hope the band has success with new music, but I'm over waiting for - or even expecting - anything worthwhile anymore. Once i finally shook the GnR 'addiction' it was a blessing. Seen them countless times across eras, and now wouldn't go see them again. I have doubts now that even if there was a new record, it'd be average at best. None of them a pushing them
  9. Possibly never then, his entourage must cost a fortune, I personally think it's one reason the band in all its versions continued on (particularly the Vegas stints and stuff). I'm sure he is comfortable and has investments etc. but at the end of the day i get the impression over the years that like most of us, and other large corporations, he lives just barely within his means. Every now and then he has to do hit the road with any version of Guns and make coin.
  10. Band, label, management, don't care. It's still effort, time, and money that comes out of a budget of sorts that elements would be associated with GnR, imo that small segment of budget, effort, etc could be directed towards something more productive from a Guns perspective.
  11. THis might have been covered in the thread already - apologies if so. But didn't Axl (and from memory Slash), not like this at the time it was originally released?? Seem to recall Axl trying to block it as wasn't a representation of the band at the time (newguns), and seem to also remember Slash, and I think Axl too, later speaking about how collection of songs were pretty shit. Wasn't it a way for the label to reap some $ from all the amounts they were sinking into Axl's new guns? Anyways, necessary release imo, and time / effort / money could have been put into something more
  12. Mark Lanegan would be close. But both were junkies though, and holding up genuine friendships isn't a priority, they knew each other well before becoming too strung out. OT - I think as both artists aged and matured, I can't see them being friends, but certainly a mutual respect as apposed to the juvenile angst of when there was 'beef' between them all.
  13. That's not his fault though, the song itself is pretty boring. In saying that, I really dug this cover by him.
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