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  1. Awesome! Would love to know if Izzy has any plans to release anything soon. Also their process in the studio, seeing as he has been there from day dot. Has it changed over the years, does Izzy essentially arrive with all tracks and it's fleshed out live, average time spent per album - a lot of them have a loose feel (in a good way) and can't imagine its months in the studio. Also curious how talented musicians ala Rick fill their days, I'm assuming they have some sort of day job to supplement the income (eg. the dude from Mudhoney has worked at Subpop since forever which I assume ticks things over).
  2. Going to have a listen now, don't think I've actually seen a decent version of better. Also FYI all, someone post proshot RIR 2017 on YouTube a couple days ago. Watch it before it gets pulled:) No links due to a vague recollection that it breaks the rules.
  3. Imo hard school sounds like a track that didn't make the cut on a Slash record. I still enjoy it mind you, but it doesn't feel like a band created and has so much emphasis on 'Hey Slash is in the band and of course we have to have a bass intro to remind ppl of duff'. Imo if they wrote together both slash and duff would have ample opportunity to stamp their mark on the band musically, instead of what sounds to my ears forcing themselves on it. Of course that would require Axl getting on board with writing and recording etc.
  4. Total silence I think. However I'm feeling positive that a more substantial release will be out before the shipping dates for the Hard Skool EP etc. Don't agree with the general opinion that due to that not being for ages they'll wait till post then to release anything. Album and that stuff are two separate entities imo.
  5. It wasn't cheesy back in the early 90s tbh. Bit lame now though, same goes for the hard school artwork.
  6. What about another one from those days. I think he was French? Did loads of stuff for the GNR tracker?
  7. Wait. Are you the Limulus of the GNR forum from aaaages ago? (name mistakes me now but it was my main for ages).
  8. Wow had no idea Ron Anderson toured with them. That's huge news to me. I remember talk of him having had a vocal coach leading up to the tour though, again didn't know it was Anderson. Myles Kennedy used him for a dozen or so lessons too and can't say anything but great things.
  9. Setlist looks pretty good to me. Glad they're shaking it up a bit. Mental huh? And at a time where news wasn't as easily accessible about your bands and stuff.
  10. Yup, I've liked OMG since it came out. Such a weird time as well when that got released. Back in dial up days, took ages to source and download it :p
  11. Yeah true. I do still have confidence he can get it back if he took the right path. But more importantly I definitely think he could sing well in a studio setting still..... Sadly I can't see him stepping into one any time soon.
  12. Sounded much like how I thought it'd sound live tbh. Personally I think Axl could still do the full rasp and stuff, just needs to work on and maintain his 'instrument' and perhaps particularly with new songs turn up to rehearsals and practice it with the band (which doubt he does going by his record with rehearsals). Always shame feeling like that, but it was no bad or worse then plenty of the other vocal performances we've had from him the majority of the years to date.
  13. Even better reason to do it if that was the case. He was close to the band and Axl, so I'm sure next of kin etc would be appreciative. On topic: always thought it would have been a good one for the new GNR (with bucket/finck), but would still be good for current lineup, I'd enjoy it
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