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  1. Yeah true. I do still have confidence he can get it back if he took the right path. But more importantly I definitely think he could sing well in a studio setting still..... Sadly I can't see him stepping into one any time soon.
  2. Sounded much like how I thought it'd sound live tbh. Personally I think Axl could still do the full rasp and stuff, just needs to work on and maintain his 'instrument' and perhaps particularly with new songs turn up to rehearsals and practice it with the band (which doubt he does going by his record with rehearsals). Always shame feeling like that, but it was no bad or worse then plenty of the other vocal performances we've had from him the majority of the years to date.
  3. Even better reason to do it if that was the case. He was close to the band and Axl, so I'm sure next of kin etc would be appreciative. On topic: always thought it would have been a good one for the new GNR (with bucket/finck), but would still be good for current lineup, I'd enjoy it
  4. I agree that Absurd has more balls even just musically. But what's this about an announcement? Have I missed something are we expecting something for a certain reason?
  5. Good point. The mix does sound quite flat imo. Especially considering the resources this band has at its disposal. I'm enjoying the track a lot more now the house is empty and I can crank things loudly.
  6. Out of likes for the day after spamming them in Hardskool thread. Gives a summary when you've digested it and heard through the big system. Back on topic - just ordered the 30th anniversary of Nevermind LP. My current one is from back in the day and beat up/over played will be nice having a decent quality one back in the collection.
  7. Saved for later today! Curious on your thoughts on Hard Skool (without de-railing this thread).
  8. Initially listens for me were via headphones (good quality ones too). But just went for a drive and cranked it a couple times loud with better sound system then headphones - certainly sounded better that way.
  9. Glad they are releasing stuff and most of y'all are happy. Personally after two listens (one about 30mins after release) and then just now. Controversial but I prefer Absurd. But regardless of that comparison, the drums sound awful, not the beats themselves, but the tone and mixing, whilst the song itself feels like they just lumped Slash whaling away using his Amplitube plug in, and turned up duffs bass to remind us he is there. Some good vocals albeit old. Not much soul and feels to me to be far removed from any GNR sound (in a bad way), the rockers on CD are much better and sound bigger. Maybe it's the mix I don't know but it just doesn't sound particularly real. Excited stuff is coming out and I'll continue to spin the song and give my ears a chance to digest properly but initially it's a bit of a 'meh' song and sounds like a demo being polished. To be fair the leaked demo ages ago I wasn't too hot on and couldn't see the excitement for it, but held hope due to it being a demo. Imo they need to just get together and make new music in a studio. Underwhelmed, but can understand why a lot of folk enjoy it and glad loads of you are stoked with it.
  10. 'Home Fuck' Was shocked it hasn't been mentioned yet after 6 pages
  11. Yup. Agree. Come VR, every interview I saw or read of him he came across as a sleeze and thinking he's all that. Even nowadays how he talks, dresses, etc the dude thinks he walks on water and is gods gift to women. Not suprised to here ppls opinions on the book here, I've not read it but by sounds of it it is what I was expecting. It's a shame though, as he had front seats to an interesting time wiht the band, recording, etc. You need some rock n roll anecdotes and stuff of course but so many people are more interested I the behind the scenes shit of albums, recording, dramas, touring etc. Mark Lanegan's book is a good read mind you.
  12. Do you have a link to anything about recording of CD vocals line by line? Vaguely remember something like that too, burried as a one line in a wider article/post/thread (which in itself was an interesting read).
  13. Don't think they were even having an orgy, wasn't Izzy just having sex with her with Slash bunked up / sleeping near by? The airplane piss is definitely a legendary story in my mind too.
  14. He basically confirmed that there is a plan for a physical release of sorts (and mentioned the whole vinyl pressing plants being backed up). I didn't read it as him confirming it as a single for Absurd or Hardschool, just that some physical media from them was coming (including vinyl). IMO that could be anything from a single, an EP, an album, or a combination of all of these three. Would seem odd to go through the pressing plant grind for a just a single, so I'm hoping it's an album plus singles. Wishful thinking, could end up with nothing as we know
  15. It's definitely got a punk asthetic, and part of the repeated verse weighs into that too.
  16. Very cool. Old Tune - check that song out, it's on Spotify, one of my favourite izzy tracks. Hammerhead off Like a Dog is cool too. Really enjoy his stuff and it's such a shame we can't have him write songs for/with guns anymore.
  17. One thing is for sure, we all are so fast to slam the band and their performances....... but from my own experience over the years, as well as talking to others, seeing posts on here. There is no doubt that fans absolutely love it when they are there in person. Glad you had a blast dude. How was the rest of the crowd?
  18. There are plenty of ppl that like it. And large amounts that don't. Same goes for pretty much all songs really. I cannot stand Sweet Child, never have, but plenty of ppl dig it. OMG I didn't like the first listen but did after a few spins. Still like it now. Difference is that a lot of these songs I like and the whole of CD falls into that, is its not held on some legendry pedestal like the gnr catalog used to be for me. Said pedestal is unrealistic. All other bands and artists I absolutely dig, I'll go through dips n' phases. Problem with Guns is they are the absolute easiest band in the world to criticise. Imo they're doomed regardless with anything they release. I for one like the song, could be better, but I enjoy the loudness and the aggressiveness of it. Albeit in a different vein then the aggressiveness of say appetite.
  19. Really enjoyed Like a Dog. Had no idea it was linked to VR in any respect, was just an izzy fan and excited to get a copy straight from the source. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure I lost it many years ago in a move. Every now and then I do a big search through all my crap to see if it turns up, and to no avail.
  20. Wouldn't bother me going by my excitement for CD despite hearing the majority a shit ton before the official release. I'd like to try not listen to any leaks and stuff and give the new release a listen like I do with all other bands that release music. But, tbh, anything coming out of gnr camp official, demo, leak etc. I have decades of curiosity and GNR nerding that basically means I'll give whatever a listen as soon as its available.
  21. Interesting. As for me Scrapped and Rhiad are some of my picks as favorites on CD. I lean more towards the heavier music, as apposed to the ballads. So for me the tracks CD, Shacklers, Better, Scrapped, Riad and IRS I lean towards over the others. Absurd fits into that mould, and compared to the tracks I've listed is probably the weaker one so can see why it'd be dropped for the other heavier options on CD. In saying that I hope Absurd isn't on the new album, if there ever is one, as I'd rather new material as apposed to rehashed stuff.
  22. Thoroughly enjoying Dinosaur Jr's latest album (Sweep it into space), cannot stop spinning it. Other recent pick ups: Little Hurricane - Love Luck. Little Hurricane - Same Sun, Same Moon. Dinosaur Jr - Give a Glimpse of what Yer not. Wool - Budspawn
  23. Yup. I'll grab the vinyl. Already got tickets to catch the doco in the cinema - music in that setting is generally awesome to listen too. Remember being blown away by the blues tunes being cranked through the audio system at my local when watching The Departed. In fact, I watched it multiple times in the theater predominately for that
  24. Delayed posting about Absurd, due to wanting to give it a decent chance before reacting (think my first listen was through my phone speakers lol). Anyways, after multiple proper listens, I dig it. By no means best work, but it's aggressive and simple. My main criticism would be Axl's high pitch screams that are really clean - don't like these at all and it sounds a bit lame. Other than that, enjoy the track, enjoy the punk vibes, and enjoy it played loud. Fingers crossed this opens the flood gates now for them and lets them understand that shit doesn't have to be better than AFD and the like - just release shit as a band please. Also - bit of a bitter taste seeing as it's Silkworms and thus not new or anything, but I can see past that for now. If they did an album of predominately old rehashed songs with Duff and Slash adding their pieces and continuing to rely on old vocals I'd feel a bit ripped off. Final note - glad it was the furthest thing from a ballad too.
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