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  1. Yea, true there. It is odd there's no recordings though
  2. To a degree yes, I've only found 3 videos of sound check today at all, one I can hear Axl in (not black hole sun) and I was in Cincy literally right outside the stadium when Adler soundchecked My Michelle and Out Ta Get Me, of course at the time I didn't know it was him. But, you do have a point, if GnR soundchecked BHS five times, I would reckon someone would have video of it. I sure would have recorded it. there's people camping right outside the stadium, you can't gag order them dude, come on man
  3. I haven't seen one....just what someone I know who is camping at Slane reported along with apparently others on Social Media
  4. did he pre-record vox for Black Hole Sun too?
  5. Correct, I'm the one who reported that based upon what someone camping at Slane said on facebook. It's been confirmed by others on the scene via Twitter and IG. they ran through it five times with Axl
  6. Good point, not an easy song to sing and Axl has been known to jettison songs if he isn't up to it or ready for it.
  7. Yes Axl was there they apparently ran through a whole set basically more like rehearsal than a soundcheck. @Blake Sabbath can confirm he's seen the same info
  8. Well obviously not, lol....but they haven't seen played it yet either
  9. Ooohhhh it did work! Ok, so according to what I've been told they sound checked this song five times, so it's likely to get played:
  10. Right I wanna do that so if someone comes along before show who is going and doesn't want to have the surprise ruined can choose not to read it.
  11. Someone tell me how to spoiler tag something!
  12. I don't mind being specific....I just don't want to spoiler anything for anyone who reads this.
  13. They've now checked this song five times over today.
  14. Gotta use your brain on this one, I said they had never played it before