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  1. Can a mod move this over to main section? Little more than 48 hours to showtime and it's a big one! @RussTCB @alfierose thanks!
  2. You do her dad was the Mad King right you don't think that shit doesn't run in the family.
  3. I know I'm just messing with you man I honestly am not a U2 fan, but they do shit right, so I begrdudgingly respect them for that. i actually think I'm gonna go check them out here in Indy later this year, looks like a great show!
  4. Smashing Pumpkins are most definitely grumge....none of the others he mentioned were though. Pumpkins on Singles Soundtrack pure grunge.
  5. Or you're just an incredibly pompous band....no offense I know you love U2
  6. can someone lock this please....jesus
  7. This is 1000% accurate and I was 16 when AFD came out, 20 when I saw them at Deer Creek in 1991.
  8. why would he do that?