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  1. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    If anyone would like to sell one of this not higher than 20$ then I'm interested! Ebay's prices are too high for this kind of item and I hope that there are some people who would like to help a GN'R fan not from USA without cashing a lot Thanks!
  2. So you guys think it was made between shooting SIDHY and recording SFTD, right?
  3. It's just info from and old gnrsource.com website. May be inaccurate. But "SIDHY" single was released in US and UK in the middle of '94.. so.. there's a possibility. Maybe we can ask the video director?
  4. Was this video made before "Since I Don't Have You" one which was filmed in October '94?
  5. Would love to have a link too! Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. Just listened to youtube versions - not that I hear too much on them.. Would like to listen to good quality audios