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  1. I tried isolating it again after being reminded by this thread but it's just impossible unfortunately.
  2. I'm not convinced on this particular version. Listen closely. It sounds like Robin had first crack at it, then Bucket rerecorded it for the album version. Just like Madagascar's lead parts. Are you talking about this leak version, or the album? On the album it's 100% Bucket. This leak sounds a lot like Robin.
  3. After a few listens this version of Sorry is amazing, even with Robin's sloppy solo!
  4. No one's saying this is a better version. It's obviously a very early demo. Besides, the album cut has Bucket playing every part except for the solo and the tapping section towards the end.
  5. There are none. This thread is very interesting though (page 3 onwards):
  6. Is that Robin playing the solo on Sorry??!!! What the fuck.
  7. Previously they've leaked at 0700 my time, now it's past 1500. Hopefully tomorrow
  8. I'm in full agreement! It will be a tragedy if disc 2 doesn't release
  9. My god Bucket really came through and turned Madagascar around. Robin's version sounds amateur!
  10. Different takes of Bucket's solos. Robin's are the same in every track.
  11. I hope you're right. To come this far and still never hear Bucket's Shackler's solo would be tragic.
  12. Only one musician sounds like this, but you're in luck 'cause he's released around 300 albums.