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  1. sometimes, all of our fucks are misgiven.

  2. This forum is slowly turning itself into that one ruled by Led Zeppelin's Drummer. Hope it'll bring some real hoarders, though.
  3. I was reading Chinese Whispers I couldn't help but notice how many times Axl's press releases are mentioned there. "Now whether or not Paul was going to be officially on the album or on the tour that really wasn't an actual consideration at the time. It was in the air as a possibility." (Axl, press release, 08/14/02)" ""On break from Guns N' Roses until September, [...] Stinson is currently putting the finishing touches on 16 new songs for an upcoming solo record. Primarily recorded over two months in a studio owned by friend Charles Thompson (aka Frank Black), [...] the untitled album is
  4. He always looked familiar, "Izzy Stradlin Look-a-like". There is a history that the band was on the airport in 2002, and then a fan came screaming to Richard and said "Hey Izzy, give me an autograph".
  5. according to GNRontour, There was a moment in the 2002 Tour where axl stopped a song, said something to the crowd, and then the band just went back exactly where they were. If that's not chemistry, at least musical, I don't know what it is. But that's actually the whole point : MUSICALLY, New Guns was never a bad band, the only thing missing there was charisma...a charisma that only Richard had, trough the years.
  6. I'd say that the virus its on a bad shape compared to what it was on January, since we walked years within 7 months. I'm not anxious for a vacine as much as I am for a medicine. As for GN'R, I don't believe they are going to end in the next 2 years, but i'm pretty much sure that they're reaching the end of the(ir) road, and won't be lasting for 10 more years.
  7. There are two unnamed jams on that 2009 rehearsal as well, and one they played in 2011 who sounds too much like a new song.
  8. Stay away from modern metal and their sweep picks, fast-as-ass tempos and all that stuff. Try learning easy n' rockin songs first, like Pentagram, Saint Vitus, or even Black Sabbath. If you are more interested in GN'R Songs, start with izzy's guitar first. And remember : Rhytm is more important than notes, and the places you are not playing matter more than those you are playing.
  9. I Wish we could listen to izzy's parts alone, or more predominant in the mix. I mean : I believe that there are a few fans that have never listened to his "Boogie-Oogie" parts on WTJ and My Michelle. It's hard to tell much of his tone ang gear, mostly because during the illusions tour his amp was turned off for the most part of the shows... I believe he recorded AFD with a White Semi-Acoustic guitar (can't remember the name) but on the shows, he used a Gibson LP Custom with 3 humbuckers (I sincerely think that it's a 'kalamazoo-made' one) There's a more detailed description of his pla
  10. "Axl Rose...His mediocre excuse at the moment is that he's in the studio recording... this is the man who also at the same time proclaims that he likes, HUH, My singing style...

    you're a fraud, and I'm underwhelmed"

    Johnny Rotten

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