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  1. It’s time to confess Chris Pitman was right
  2. Painful to watch ,I think Axl has lost interest in performing rasp as soon as Axl-DC album was not an issue anymore
  3. Empty stadiums and arenas will make the band find a way to release music. Ridiculous excuses
  4. I was listening to the song and immediately thought i had heard this melody before,but one step slower... Check the melody from Circus Maximus (2.30-3.23) and the piano moving song....seems they were working on it..even the xylophone-like piano bits seem the same.. Thoughts?
  5. Dizzy had covered Chopin before...this may be the intro to Zodiac https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OynjGo8-s80
  6. Remember smn had described chinese democracy back then as Physical Graffiti on steroids? He was right
  7. Anybody else noticing a very Slither-like riff in Quick Song?...especially the ending riff....it needs another note and its almost the same riff
  8. Both Zodiac and Quick Song are the real deal
  9. Nice listen.Next please Don't even compare stuff to UYI version guys,thanks
  10. I would love to listen to a “State of Grace/ Closer-NIN” mash-up 😉
  11. Imagine Brain on drums,Bucket doing his robot dancing,Robin walking the way he does all over the stage,Pitman and Dizzy on keys and Axl screaming while everyone is head banging...fuck
  12. Physical Graffiti on fucking steroids. Nice one uncle Axl🤘🤘🤘