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  1. Slither is ok..enough with this keyboard critic. chill out people
  2. What a nice voice on nice boyz axl!!
  3. How do you feel when 4tus,Ferrer,Dizzy,Melissa don’t share the Appetite Box in their official accounts? of course they weren’t involved in the AFD era but doesn’t it feel a little strange? its a band after all
  4. Let's all enjoy SOYL and never stand in the shadow of the Box Peace
  5. I think we all need a breath of fresh music from the guys even if it’s SOUL or old stuff.Would be super cool to watch
  6. I’d pay 700 💵 for a Chinese Democracy Locked n’ Loaded Box with 49 truly unreleased tracks. Nice item though
  7. it's already streaming shadow of your love on gnr.fm and a countdown too. seems deluxe goodies so far
  8. just posted on richard's fcbk account any St Louis drummer friends have a great sounding vintage kit they'd lend me for a week or 2?
  9. Nice tune,i don't think any new gn'r song would ever appear on any random istagram account though.
  10. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Anyone else can hear "Riad"'s intro lick on Rocket Queen's first 15 secs? It's on 50.37 mark on the soundboard link
  11. Best Prostitute ever.Incredible