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  1. Thanks! I m from Greece! Unfortunately the band may indeed appreciate them after all, at least the management if not the band itself. I noticed that these people were treated differently by the security man ( Gio I think?) which sucks and probably makes them even more snobby and delusional.
  2. Oh no, she was completely soberšŸ˜‚ The superfans don't drink because if you drink you might need to pee and if you need to pee you might need to go to the bathroom and if you go to the bathroom you might loose your spot on the rail and life will never be the same again.šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
  3. We just went a few steps to the left eventually, which I regret, I should have told them to go fuck themselves as you said. I was shocked by her attitude and how rude she was... when I get attacked like that out of the blue I don't respond as I should. And it was not jus that, while we were waiting in line, she and h r friend (another middle aged woman) were belittling another fan from another country who had flew in just for th concert ! What the hell?! I am not saying these things out of jealousy or anything, I was just shocked to see fans acting like royalty. Some of these people give off a very weird vibe, like they are really delusional, they seem to think they matter to the band or something? The band may know their faces or names since they attend almost every single show but I m pretty sure they couldn't care less. If I was Axl or Slash and had people who are that level of delusional and obsessed following me around the globe I would be creeped out. I am originally from Europe and recently moved to the US, I have never seen people acting like that in concerts back home.
  4. I don't know their names, some middle aged woman who was dressed like Axl in his 20sšŸ˜Æ
  5. What's up with the so called superfans? I don't care how anyone decides to spend their money and if they follow the band around the globe. I m talking about their attitude. I went to some shows on this tour and during one of them, one woman told me to " go elsewhere" because apparently the spots on the rail in the middle of the stage are for them. I was shocked. It's so weird for 45 + year old women behaving like 15 year old groupies. Not to mention that the security guard allows them to carry banners inside while my friend's banner was ripped into pieces by the same security guy. What the f? Does the ba d know about this shit?
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