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  1. Baz was right about sorry, I guess he was used to the earlier raw version before it was mixed and had its balls chopped off
  2. Nice surprise with If the World having vocals, very similar to the antiquiet leak as mentioned above, which makes you wonder why Axl couldn't let the album go. Such little was done to the chosen tracks on the album that made much difference, apart from Buckets solo on TWAT
  3. They do sound buckethead solo tracks. I guess that's why Axl said cd two was darker and harder.
  4. Never thought I'd say it but it's too much to take in. Overkill haha. I'm still on quick song and zodiac, I cant remember how a lot of the latest instrumentals go.
  5. Azoff came back? Didn't Axl have a fairly tedious court case with him.
  6. They've got more chance of changing the setlist then putting a new album out. Or playing hard school. All three are not going to happen. Why do we do this to ourselves, ten years I've been coming here and nothing has changed. Thinking Rio 2011 would have new tracks debuted. A CD rereleased, a cd 2... The band working on new tracks after Vegas, bumble endlessly saying they were sharing ideas, Fortis saying the same. Fast forward a few years and it's just slash and duff saying the same thing.
  7. Planted in a locker though? And why that era. Why not go with 2003, 04, 06, ashba era? It's too random to believe the team are behind this
  8. I really think the intro was worked in to the intro part for CD. Very similar notes
  9. Intro organ synth is very similar to the album opening synth from the finished version of CD
  10. I see! So within the space if a few months the tone and drum sound were finalised and the synths stayed there never to be removed.
  11. I think disc two, the bucket disc will be last. That looks absolute killer.
  12. How is this 3 dollar different then the one that leaked last week!? Confusing. The last 3 dollar leak sounds Ike it was made from the rock band multitracks, it was so similar in tone and the effects etc to the final version.
  13. There's some really cool stuff in Prostitute on these discs, in the second chorus and post chorus bridge there is a groovy organ, Pitman synths and a few Bucket lines. These RTB mixes are cool as fuck. And a haunting piano line in the last chorus that morphs into an organ. None of this stuff ending up in the final mix
  14. You're right! I didn't notice some if his kill switch stuff at first which is always a dead give away.