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  1. hopefully Kate Upton is going to leave her multi-Millionaire pro athlete boyfriend and go out with me
  2. anyone know if they released Pits at the box office yesterday? I am pretty sure they released some pits but when I went there the guy said they did not have any, this was like 90 minutes before the show
  3. took a flight at the last minute to come from Wisconsin to go to this show and I am so glad I did, I love this F----g band and I am happy Madagascar was played, probably the only CD song I am really into, when they started the encore with Patience I was a little annoyed because I saw the previous shows they started with Madagascar but luckily it was next
  4. oh, chances of a repeat performance went up alot
  5. doubtful cuz I am sure she was just in town to be on Jimmy Fallon, but I would not be surprised to see a guest appearance by someone else, it is New York after all, maybe Billy Joel? he is off from touring, it would be interesting to see him return the favor and join GNR though I am not sure he is all that familiar with to many GNR songs, maybe they will cover a Billy Joel song
  6. anyone know how big the elevation is? I might be able to get a ticket in section 102 row 6 for the MSG show on Sunday, however I see it is behind the VIP tent and I am not sure if it is obstructed or not, anyone know of any photos or videos from the arena shows the last couple of days that might show how high it is? thanks https://www1.ticketmaster.com/guns-n-roses-not-in-this-new-york-new-york-10-15-2017/event/3B0052B6E2711F66?artistid=735218&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1&tm_link=search_msg-0_3B0052B6E2711F66#efeat4212
  7. how do people just stand there and look at the band especially if you are in those really good seats
  8. anyone know what time they hit the stage and what time the got off the stage?
  9. like I said, I have been to concerts and you really do not notice it being "bad", maybe you are caught up in the music, maybe it is sounding worse on a recording, but I almost always watch a youtube video of a concert I have been at and it is sounding alot worse than the actual show
  10. saw some videos on youtube, anyone who was there can verify that Axl and the band did not sound good? I know I have been to concerts and I hear how bad the singers voice is on a youtube clip, while at the concert I am not noticing anything and the band and the singer is fine regardless, I am sure this "reunion" has gone on to long, but they are interested in milking it for every dollar they are able to and now that they have sold all the tickets they have sold I am sure they are not interested in how the performance is "edit" god, saw some more videos, just cringe worthy, I am really hoping it is just a bad video feed and at the concert you are not even noticing, as I know is very often the case
  11. 09/03/17 - George, WA - The Gorge

    how was the attendance at this show? I remember checking ticketmaster a while ago and there were alot of tickets available and the tickets were insanely expensive, I thought they would cancel it from a lack of sales
  12. if Adler does not die than yes, also think we are going to see Izzy again, they are going to milk this semi-reunion, than in a few years they are going to plug the reunion of Izzy and Steven as a way to sell tickets, GNR nowadays is about milking as much money as possible
  13. their faces are on those albums, both of those guys wanted to play on this tour but were left out because of money reasons or because of "pride" reasons
  14. where is Izzy and Steven? absurd they are advertising the Appetite cross if they are not allowing them on this tour
  15. anyone know which Lithographs had the most printings and which ones had the least? this is excluding the Vegas shows which I know they had 1,000 for each show but since they have only been doing a couple of hundred the US shows