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  1. why would Slash want to go back to playing clubs and making music that very little people are interested in, after touring the World with GNR, I am sure he is happy to rest until the next GNR adventure begins
  2. I'll say it, 8 CD songs is beyond to much when there are other songs they could be doing that would be a real crowd pleaser
  3. "this is our last show for at least a little while" so they are basically going to be back, than again in 1993 I am sure they said a similar thing
  4. damn Slash sounds good on KOHD
  5. I am guessing as he was locked in a cage for the majority of his life and realized he was not getting out he wishes he could have done things differently
  6. who is JI Cover? that is who requested the video removed because of a copyright claim, is that a GNR affiliation? surprised to see it removed because fan filmed videos are always available on youtube
  7. alot better than Elton John the other night when he basically called his crew "assholes" because his Piano did not work to his liking
  8. and by incidents I mean the band going on stage noticeably late, someone throwing something on stage that is causing Axl and the Band to stop the show and go off on the crowd, maybe a security guard getting unruly with a fan, it seems this tour is very un-GNR esque, not saying it is a bad thing, it is probably a good thing if any
  9. all you people complaining saying you are not going to go know you are going to get a ticket as the concert gets closer and I can picture a 3rd NA leg a year from now, come back and play big city arenas again, and play smaller markets like Green Bay WI, Fargo, ND, Lincoln NE etc, it seems they are on a mission to make as much money as possible and there is still money to be made
  10. stadium shows are bigger, the pits on the arenas are very small, and they are not allowing alot of people in them, that being said there have been drops on the pits for almost all of the arena shows but they are almost always snatched up right away, if you are really dedicated to getting pits, I would be constantly searching on the Toyota Center ticket website on the day of the show and maybe the day before because they are released at random times, at the very least they are almost always releasing really good seats in the few hours leading up to a concert
  11. it really is supply and demand, there is literately 1 Milwaukee Lithograph on Ebay so I am guessing that person is able to charge what they want
  12. exactly, it isn't the cost, Pits are by far the most desirable location, unless you are getting the center Floors in the first couple of rows I am guessing they are underselling them because the people who bought them probably paid these huge VIP prices and I am sure they wanted to give them a good experience , I don't think it is a fire code, as there is definitely a lot more room they can squeeze a few more bodies in, I got a Pit on a drop yesterday and man, seeing them that close with that much room to move around is an awesome experience, I can't imagine how anything is going to top it to be honest
  13. last night was my 8th show of the NITL tour and I am assuming the last unless they are going to add a 3rd NA leg? anyway it was probably my best show for the simple fact I got a pit and it was not jam packed like it was in the Stadiums also got a Duff Pick after Mr. Brownstone I think, though I kind of feel bad because of the scramble to get the pick after its tossed I am pretty sure I ripped it out of someones hands and I wound up with it
  14. No they didn't, Foo show went on sale in June, GNR wasn't announced until July
  15. just pulled a Slash side Pit on a Ticketmaster drop and man they are really dropping the prices hard on this show, Floors and Lowers now $59, as I said a few posts up they really should have made this concert on Wednesday as I know alot of people who are seeing the Foo Fighters who would have seen GNR if it were not for that show , Wisconsin is the type of place that is not often getting the big name acts, so to have 2 major Rock acts on the same day is really a cause of conflict