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  1. is that for real? I honestly thought they might have sold 1,000 of them at the most, who the hell is buying them at $1,000 a pop, this is the home of GNR die hards and it seems the majority of the people are staying away, I can't imagine them selling more than 1-2,000 of these things
  2. as Izzy said, Steve was the "feel" of the band, just listening to that cover I think is actually better than hearing PC on this semi-reunion tour, you can just feel it back to how it was supposed to be played
  3. sounds like he is terrified of saying the wrong with Mr. Rose as usual
  4. so true, but yea, I honestly think the richer you get the more greedy you get, like the money becomes who you are and it is like a drug or a high, it does not help the fact that Republicans have been in power for the most part of the last 30 years who only work to shove the wealth of this land into those who are already wealthy
  5. shows were nothing more than a cash grab, in fact this whole semi-reunion including the $1,000 box sets is nothing more than a cash grab, that said I saw 8 NITL shows and they were all awesome, could have done without a few of the covers and most of the Chinese Democracy songs just out of curiosity, did you not go to a show because of not thinking it was a real reunion, or maybe they did not go in your area?
  6. and these idiots are eventually going to reduce the price on the locked and loaded, but it is going to be to late, because a large chunk of the people are going to buy the Deluxe Edition, and have no desire to have 2 of the same thing, so even if the locked and loaded is reduced to like $400 they are not going to get it
  7. but yea, I would definitely like to own this Locked and Loaded, but $1,000 is beyond insane, sell me this thing for $450 now and I am buying it, sell it to me for $450 in 2 years I am probably forgetting about it and I have lost my desire to buy it, I have no idea how they are making 10,000 of these things and expecting to sell them anywhere north of $500, much less $1,000 fucking dollars, I can not imagine more then like 600 or so if these things have been sold at $1,000
  8. at 9:07 and 9:35 of the unboxing of the Locked and Loaded he is showing a bunch of Flyers and 2 of them look like they are autographed from Duff Slash and someone else (Steven?), are these actual autograph's? it does not look like a pre-printed thing and the fact the same 3 signed both of them has me thinking it is real
  9. I agree, I am guessing by the Holidays it is going to be around $750, but even that is insanely over priced, but if there are really 10,000 of these things I am guessing no more than 1,000 of them are going to be sold at the $750-$1,000 price point so I am guessing eventually they are going to have to drastically reduce it, might take at least a year or 2 to swallow their pride and offer them at around $400-$500 price point which is what it should have been from the get go, but by the time that rolls around most people are going to forget they are even available and the $400-$500 price is going to seem insanely expensive. I would really love to know how many of these things are sold at the $1,000 price and in addition they are fucking themselves because those fans that would have bought it maybe at around $500 are going to buy the $150 box set and in no way going to want to cough up another $500 for essentially a few Vinyls and patches and stickers or whatever else they included in the $1,000 thing, if there are really 10,000 of these things going to be sitting in a warehouse starting next week I am guessing they are going to have to be selling them at around $300-$400 sometime in the next few years
  10. I still contest the pricing and the "greed" aspect of this band over the last couple years goes through one man and we all know who that is
  11. have they lowered the price on that $1,000 thing to $300-$400 yet? that was my price point a few months ago when it was announced, but now with each passing day I am less interested in it and I am guessing my price point on it might be $150 in a couple of months
  12. don't care for it, would have been really cool to hear a release of crash diet though
  13. well that is my price point, really $300-$400 is what I am willing to spend, but if I am seeing it as $500 and it is not going to get cheaper I might say fuck it and bite the bullet, I would really love to see how many of these things they sell at $999.99, I am guessing they are going to be very hush about the numbers, of course there are going to people who are going to buy it at $999.99, than after a few months they are going to reduce the price and I am sure they are going to piss off those early buyers
  14. Did they really make 10,000 copies of that $999.99 box set? Because if they did I am pretty sure they are going to be knocking the price on it in the near future, if they are only making 1,000 or so copies and are going to wait on how it sells before making the others I am not sure they are going to bother making more
  15. "limited edition" of 10,000 copes? are they fucking kidding? considering it is not autographed by the band(and it would still be ridiculously overpriced if it was) and 10,000 is not that much of a limited edition, $999.99 is beyond a fucking joke, I would pay like $300-$400 for that, but who the fuck is buying those things? this band is so dumb, I can't imagine they are going to sell more than like a thousand of those things, I am a die hard fan and I have some money to kill, but $1,000 is insane, if it had been a real limited edition of like 1,000 copies I can see, but 10,000? I am going to bet they are going to have to reduce the prices on those to sell them or they are just going to sit on them and the $179.99 thing is not all that impressive, I am really interested in the Vinyls that are on the $999.99 thing but I am not paying anything close to that, sell that $179.99 for like $120 and the $999.99 for like $350 and you have a buyer in me though I am guessing I am going to eventually get the $179.99 thing