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  1. Stone Temple Pilots Announce New Singer Jeff Gutt

    Giving a listen to the album on Spotify. My first impression, weirdly enough, is that the opener sounds like Velvet Revolver.
  2. His cover of Stuck in the Middle popped up on my YouTube recommendations today. It always seemed like a dig, as did everything he posted on social media at that time, but it was from March 2016 so he must have given it another go after feeling that way if the story is true.
  3. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    It will feature live versions of CD, Better, This I Love and Madagascar from the NITL tour and four new studio covers and be called GN’R Rumors.
  4. It’s all well and good to cry hypocrisy, but at the same time nobody should be expecting or wanting Axl to stand by the One in a Million lyrics 30 years later. In the social media age, many celebrities have had to start an apologetic tweet with ‘To be clear...’ and then throw in an ‘it was never my intention...’. People should be allowed to grow and develop as the world changes around them. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is still spouting rubbish as the so-called leader of the free world in 2018.
  5. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    It helps that I can’t quite make out what the original lyrics are in the verses. The rewrite ended up being the lyrical lowpoint on AFD by some distance. It’s the only song on the album that never gets played live and still I never see anyone asking for it.
  6. GNR Demo Tape Soundcloud

    I thought everything of any worth from that era was already bootlegged way back in the 90s but new stuff still appears. Axl caught snoozing again on an AFD box set that he really should have authorised by now.
  7. Axl and Ozzy Duet at Download?

    Maybe someone could turn up with a ‘Where’s Ozzy?’ sign.
  8. Poor Frank had a nightmare on Nightrain.
  9. I can clear this all up. Richard is now in charge and has informed Axl that there will be no piano ballads.
  10. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    That’s a lot of arenas around the 20,000 capacity mark. Kinda feels like they’ve set themselves up to fail.
  11. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    Either way, if D’arcy is to be believed, she’s managed to talk her way out of 22% of the loot just for guest appearances. Even Izzy must be shaking his head at that.
  12. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    https://www.alternativenation.net/smashing-pumpkins-darcy-shares-billy-corgan-guns-n-roses-reunion-offer/ I think the other members have been more than reasonable. By her own evidence they made various offers including a guest role. But like a true addict, everything is someone else’s fault.
  13. Do you consider 'Civil War' a deep cut?

    I wouldn’t call any single that featured on Greatest Hits a deep cut.
  14. Both were icons who felt the need to change their appearance. At some point Axl may have been turning into a Michael Jackson type figure but MJ died at the age of 50 because of everything that happened to him and what he did to himself while Axl appears to be having the time of his life as he turns 56.
  15. The Chinese Democracy era and all its faults are now part of the GNR legacy. Unfortunately, that includes the delays and the fact that when it came out there was no band left to promote it. A complete mess. It hasn’t tarnished the GNR brand because that was built on being dysfunctional, it’ll just be remembered as the episode where Axl completely lost the plot and went mad. Whether that’s actually true or not, it’s still marketable! The making of that album will make a classic documenatary one day if Axl allows it. But with the benefit of hindsight, we can say that 2010-2015 were years completely wasted. For Axl, anyway. Not for Slash. I think Slash can be pretty satisfied with how his career has gone. He’s bigger than ever and didn’t have to share his reunion loot with his ex. There’s also that bittersweet feeling that they left it too late, that in 2006-2010 it would have been so much better and that they still can’t get all five of them onstage together. That in itself is unfortunately very GNR, the way it’s meant to be. This isn’t quite the happy ending they could have given themselves. It’s just another what if. It’s what keeps us talking about this band. ’You wanted the best. Well, they didn’t make it. So here’s what you get.’