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  1. Now comes the ultimate test of keeping his voice in check.
  2. That was pretty much immaculate as far as what can be expected of 2018 Axl.
  3. This is the best I’ve heard TIL in a long time.
  4. Not a great YCBM by any means but not the complete embarrassment it threatens to be nowadays.
  5. Nah, Melissa has reached a level of millennial hipsterness where it’s possible for her to take selfies while she’s actually sleeping. #pinchme
  6. No surprise that Axl nailed ISE as he normally does. He could pull off You Could Be Mine that well if it wasn’t in the middle of a three hour set.
  7. I feel bad for Dizzy (I often feel bad for Dizzy!). Although I knew from the way Lafon was promoting it, it wouldn’t be the big three, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t his intention to make me think so. Trolling, clickbating, whatever, that’s the behaviour of a desperate 15-year-old YouTuber. When someone has an interview with Axl, they won’t play games like these.
  8. He’s giving it his all onstage. It’s offstage where the problem lies with his inability to release new songs that he can actually sing. He can’t sing YCBM but they keep playing it anyway. While it looks like we’re continually complaining and hating, it’s more to do with seeing a crowd the size of yesterday’s, supposedly Download’s biggest ever, and thinking that another band would put on a flawless show and release a live album or Blu-ray of it. Starved of new releases, I think that’s how we all listen to these shows. Could it become a future live album/video to commemorate this tour? Because of certain songs, the answer is always no.
  9. It was looking good up to the end but once again he asked too much of himself. Hopefully the next song doesn’t suffer for it.
  10. Coma is unexpected. Axl must be feeling confident!
  11. Street of Dreams is the one to replace This I Love with. Axl can use clean vocals pretty much all the way through on that one.
  12. Oh dear, we’re entering Berlin territory again and Donnington really didn’t need this in the set.
  13. He thought Axl doing it was cool but didn’t know they were on tour at the moment.