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  1. Myles’ lyrics and vocals continue to do nothing for me but no complaints about what Slash still brings to the table. A GNR album needs to happen.
  2. Like when in that recent interview Axl said the Izzy situation was too complicated to go into, Izzy could have replied ‘Double talkin’ jive, get the money, motherfucker’. He kinda did...
  3. This is the thing with Twitter. You can freely humiliate a straight white male over his appearance while calling a cartoonist racist and sexist for satirising Serena Williams throwing a tantrum.
  4. New Muse album- Simulation Theory

    That album artwork is cringeworthy. ‘Hey, we also liked Stranger Things and are inspired by Tron and Blade Runner like everyone else’ is a bad first impression in 2018. The 80s revival has gone on for longer than the 80s did.
  5. Bono

    Puts Axl’s problems into perspective.
  6. FALSE: CD2 announcement this september

    GNR about to announce a new album is one the less believable rumours in the history of rumours.
  7. Do people still like Rockers?

    Nirvana was the end of rock IMHO. Yes, there have been good and highly successful rock acts since, including Foo Fighters, but ultimately Nirvana killed rock. Beyond that, nothing in the genre can compare with what the likes of Kendrick Lamar are offering the youth of today. Even pop acts do it better. There’s nothing to excite any more, no edge. It’s all nostalgia and recycling. That's why GNR, Metallica and Iron Maiden will continue to headline rock festivals until they retire. There are no 20-somethings out there doing it better.
  8. Slash interview Classic Rock magazine

    If Slash hadn’t talked about an endless cycle of albums and touring for GNR, I’d have been more excited about the prospect of this not being about him creating headlines to draw attention to his new album. Let’s aim for a more realistic one new GNR demo recorded before the band disintegrates again, bleatedly released on its own in a box for £10,000 in 2048.
  9. "Going Down" rights sold to another band?

    I never noticed before listening to that cover just now, but the Crash Diet solo sounds like the basis for Double Talkin’ Jive’s extended live intro.
  10. Enjoyed it then and still do. At the time those vocals added to the mystique that had grown around Axl. Old Axl had left the room. Unfortunately, by the time we got to 2002, OMG Axl had disappeared too.
  11. What is Axl up to these days?

    Axl is currently in the studio recording the vocals for Live Era ‘16-‘18.
  12. Smashing Pumpkins Reunion?

    Troubadour proshot looking and sounding good.
  13. Prince was the same IIRC. His massive body of work basically had no online presence outside of illegal sites until his death. Hell, some of his albums were deleted physically too. Yes, I see Axl going down this route. It’s surprising it took this long.
  14. AC/DC line-up discussion

    There won’t be two line ups. Having Rudd and Johnson back in the studio completely undermines any alternative touring line up as a legitimate AC/DC.