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  1. As I said in another thread recently, I don't think Axl has anything left to say as a lyricist. His songs became increasingly dark and introspective. Now he seems to be at a point in his life where he's too happy to go back there but can't write a lyric like I Feel Good for himself. Or another Sweet Child O' Mine or Paradise City for that matter. Sad though it is, Slash would probably be better off handing his next batch of songs to Myles Kennedy. It goes further than lyrics too. You used to have to sit through essay-length rants at GNR shows. Now you get a polite 'thanks' between songs. Which is fine, it's good that Axl is at peace, I just don't see how it leads to a new GNR album getting made.
  2. The final version was CD's biggest disappointment for me. When I heard the demo, I thought it would become a masterpiece alongside November Rain and Estranged. Instead, what it gained in overdubs it lost in feeling. For the few times they've played it, the current line-up has done it justice even if Slash does shred for the sake of shredding. It's a Brian May solo through and through.
  3. Axl Interview, Detroit Radio, 2002

    I still can't work out exactly what Axl did to himself to look and sound the way he did in 2002. Especially when he managed to turn it all around again in 2006. For all the complaints fans have about him today, we're lucky he didn't go full Michael Jackson.
  4. Pink sounded good. No rasp, didn't need it.
  5. http://www.nme.com/news/courtney-love-reveals-pearl-jam-pissed-off-kurt-cobain-1780488 “I remember when Pearl Jam beat Nirvana onto the cover of Time, and that pissed Kurt off, let me tell you.” On another note, there's some debate as to whether the letter below ever made its way to Krist in March '94, but it means Kurt and Axl would have shared something else in common at that point in carrying on their bands as glorified solo projects. https://m.imgur.com/utffN68 Kurt lost his way as a human being. He knew that when he shot himself.
  6. I haven't watched it but I watched Montage of Heck and it was obvious in that documentary that Kurt Cobain was obsessed with trashing Axl and GNR, as he was with trashing Pearl Jam or anything else that threatened his band's position as the most important and biggest rock band in the world. It left me with the impression that rather than the counter culture hero he painted himself as, he was just as desperate for fame as all the reality TV stars you see today. And Dave Grohl is now more middle of the road than all the hair metal bands he used to slag off in his Nirvana days. Not that it stops me liking Nirvana's music.
  7. I get the impression that Axl has nothing left he feels the need to say to the world in terms of writing more lyrics for public consumption and is happier to sing the carefree themes of AC/DC songs but could never write something as throwaway as Rock or Bust himself. Large chunks of UYI and nearly all of CD was like sitting in on a therapy session.
  8. Despite Angus losing/sacking three members since the last release, and having already lost his brother for that, a new AC/DC album is still more likely. Not necessarily an AXL/DC one, though. Axl wasn't even interested in cashing in on the AFD anniversary with a reissue of that.
  9. Chances of “Free Fallin” live?

    Very likely and it will probably be a GNR original that makes way for it. In spite of the excess of covers, given that Axl once said one of he or Slash will die before they ever reunite, it seems apt that a large part of the Not In This Lifetime tour has ended up being a tribute to the artists who died during it.
  10. What happened to Steven Adler?

    By all accounts it's about more than money for him. Unlike Izzy who presumably priced himself out of ever making an appearance on this tour.
  11. Nice work and Nightrain sounds amazing. Axl should have stayed in the chair!
  12. Maybe Axl is lazy but then one of the repeatedly stated solutions is to cut down the setlist by about an hour or even more. You could probably go back and edit most of the recent shows down to 100-120 minutes and Axl would come out of it looking much better. Unfortunately, that would mean almost an entire setlist of covers...
  13. Now let's all watch it again.
  14. Well, if nothing else, that Patience is as good as any for the live album that they'll never bother to put out.
  15. No rasp but My Michelle still sounded decent from Axl, unlike much of what came before.