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  1. Josh Homme kicks photographer in the face during show

    Rock, rap and even pop stars have a habit of attacking paparazzi. It’s celebrated in some circles. Our boy Axl has plenty of incidents to his name. Attacking a female photographer who was authorised to be there and not being a nuisance is a tough sell, though. I like QOTSA but such behaviour cant be defended and he has tarnished his career with this. He’s not an angry young man, he’s in his mid 40s and these are certainly not times where being a rich, famous musician allows you to get off lightly for physical violence towards women.
  2. 1991 UK Documentary

    I saw and recorded this at the time. It probably sits somewhere on a long lost VHS with a bunch of Raw Power episodes. I always used to record that show as it was on at some ungodly hour.
  3. GNR Thrives in the PC Era

    With all the Hollywood sexual harassment cases damaging or ruining careers, the music industry is getting off lightly. But then groupies might struggle to convince the world of ‘unwanted hugs’ from the rock stars they stalked.
  4. If we say Slash and Duff are playing covers of Chinese Democracy material now, it means they also covered Hollywood Rose’s Anything Goes. GNR’s history is too complicated to get wrapped up in semantics.
  5. Appetite for Destruction also has a cover version on it.
  6. Yes, I can tell the difference between the drummers. I can also tell the difference between Frank’s drumming with this line up and the previous one. I actually think he used to be better and a lot tighter. As good as Brain was, I don’t think he’d be allowed to sound the same with this line up either.
  7. Stone Temple Pilots Announce New Singer Jeff Gutt

    His voice is a perfect fit for the material. It’s difficult to replace Scott because to do so you have to be unhinged and always on the verge of enetering rehab, but this guy gets the singing right without the rest of the baggage. At their age, that’s fine for the STP guys.
  8. Smashing Pumpkins reunion will be fascinating. Three of them already played together last year but by all accounts D’arcy ended up in a horrible place and has to be considered more of a liability to herself and her band than Steven would be in GNR. I hope she and they can pull it off if it does happen next year.
  9. Well, Axl broke his foot and still didn’t stop the show for it.
  10. The first half of 2018

    I think the European tour is in the summer because they've organised it around the festival slots they were offered
  11. 11/10/17 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center

    It's not a reflection of Billy Gibbons' talents but he reminds me of when I played along to GNR as a ten year old on my sister's guitar and then listened back to the recording she made and realised it sounded horrific. Oh no, wait, I'm getting that personal memory mixed up with DJ Ashba's time in GNR.
  12. I don't mind it on its own but it tells us why the CD remix album was scrapped.
  13. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Secrets can still be kept. Despite it being a logical guess they'd play Download because it was obvious an offer would be made, there weren't any substantial rumours. 2006 had its moments despite Axl antagonising the metal crowd with his waiting game.
  14. More dates than expected in 2018. Hopefully not more than the market wants. They're pushing this tour to the limits. It does make me fear they have no plans for the band beyond it. In the 2018 rumours thread, many of us assumed it would be a year to recharge the batteries and that they'd come back in 2019 with something new. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that now looks like wishful thinking, and if it does happen, we're looking to 2020 at the earliest now.