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  1. SCOM is the song they all look 100% bored of. Maybe the break will revive it a little but it’s barely even a crowd pleaser anymore when performed with such apathy.
  2. Scott might have felt let down but he was the problem. Same with Stone Temple Pilots who couldn’t take any more and fired him.
  3. Pro tip. There are never hints, only wind ups and false hope.
  4. Saving the day once again, Dave Grohl has decided to make Axl’s current singing style fashionable.
  5. I remember Behaviour by the Pet Shop Boys coming up but I don’t know how it managed to influence November Rain, as claimed below, when it came out in late 1990. http://www.geowayne.com/newDesign/lists/influencedby.htm
  6. If they had any new material ready for release, they’d have dropped a track alongside the tour announcement to drum up extra interest and prove this is ‘the next chapter’. They've got nothing.
  7. The camera edits in those Selects videos showed he’d clearly become uncomfortable with his weight but I don’t expect it to be enough for him to have done anything about it during a lockdown. In which case I wish he’d just embrace it and write some songs about how much he loves food.
  8. Something is always coming. It’s just not music. Fernando won’t go a year without branding some tat with the GNR logo.
  9. Slash Featuring Melissa Reese and The Conspirators is where it’s at.
  10. Melissa is currently the most capable singer in the band but we’re still waiting on new music from Axl.
  11. By NITL standards, that WTTJ was pretty much immaculate from Axl.
  12. The first two years were cool, then it turned into the same old same old same old from Axl and Fernando. Slash should have asked for a pay rise by now.
  13. The news has been grim in the UK this week and it’s been announced today that the new variant spreading through the land is more deadly. The London and Glasgow shows are basically 100% postponed for another year, presumably along with the rest of the European tour.
  14. If they had done anything, it wouldn’t have been as good as Rock the Rock.
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