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  1. If they had done anything, it wouldn’t have been as good as Rock the Rock.
  2. ! This claim about starting the new year like this is disputed
  3. Should have started with this impressive SOYL. LALD had me grimacing.
  4. For some reason I’m browsing this forum on Christmas morning. Not sure what good news I expected to find, though!
  5. Matt is the reason everyone talks about Steven’s groove. Matt had none when playing AFD tracks live.
  6. The apples did not fall far from these trees, particularly Weiland’s. It could be a new STP or VR song.
  7. We got some short clips on Instagram and we were supposed to be grateful.
  8. When a website headline reads: “Gilby Clarke Talks if He Was Angry Over Not Getting Velvet Revolver Invite”. You already know the answer is: “I honestly didn't think about it and I didn't feel a slight about it in any way possible.”
  9. To me this post is Fernando fantasising about having anything worth fans staying ready for.
  10. All being well they’ll come back in 2022 but a 60 year old Axl trying to do 35 year old songs justice will not see them make it into 2023. There could still be a future for the band but they can’t rely on Appetite For Destruction anymore.
  11. He’s a Hanzo main in Overwatch. ’Hanzo, please change’ ‘Not in this lifetime’ ’We need to capture the objective now’ ‘No’
  12. Jimmy somewhat finally let off the leash and one of the three guitarists given something to do. Not exactly XYU but the first song from this batch that could have been played at the GNR shows.
  13. I’m disappointed for Axl as much as I am disappointed by him. He’s tarnished his legacy but he’s done well not to go full Michael Jackson. Mental health problems, incompetent parasites managing him, the lack of confidence that made him cling to the GNR brand on his own. In terms of the weight, it is out and out body shaming in an age where it wouldn’t be allowed over a female celebrity but it only comes from a place where everyone wants him to be and look better. He’s obviously not happy with it himself but photoshopping and editing side profiles out of live footage isn’t the answer.
  14. I liked Frank’s drumming in this and don’t want to hear exact replicas of Steven or Matt’s work from him. The same with how Robin was always more interesting to listen to than DJ Slashba.
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