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  1. By NITL standards, that WTTJ was pretty much immaculate from Axl.
  2. The first two years were cool, then it turned into the same old same old same old from Axl and Fernando. Slash should have asked for a pay rise by now.
  3. The news has been grim in the UK this week and it’s been announced today that the new variant spreading through the land is more deadly. The London and Glasgow shows are basically 100% postponed for another year, presumably along with the rest of the European tour.
  4. If they had done anything, it wouldn’t have been as good as Rock the Rock.
  5. ! This claim about starting the new year like this is disputed
  6. Should have started with this impressive SOYL. LALD had me grimacing.
  7. For some reason I’m browsing this forum on Christmas morning. Not sure what good news I expected to find, though!
  8. Matt is the reason everyone talks about Steven’s groove. Matt had none when playing AFD tracks live.
  9. The apples did not fall far from these trees, particularly Weiland’s. It could be a new STP or VR song.
  10. We got some short clips on Instagram and we were supposed to be grateful.
  11. When a website headline reads: “Gilby Clarke Talks if He Was Angry Over Not Getting Velvet Revolver Invite”. You already know the answer is: “I honestly didn't think about it and I didn't feel a slight about it in any way possible.”
  12. To me this post is Fernando fantasising about having anything worth fans staying ready for.
  13. All being well they’ll come back in 2022 but a 60 year old Axl trying to do 35 year old songs justice will not see them make it into 2023. There could still be a future for the band but they can’t rely on Appetite For Destruction anymore.
  14. He’s a Hanzo main in Overwatch. ’Hanzo, please change’ ‘Not in this lifetime’ ’We need to capture the objective now’ ‘No’
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