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  1. Vote AFD for best rock album

    Appetite won. now lock this lol
  2. https://www.radioplay.se/rockklassiker/kampanj/battle-of-the-albums Mark AFD and click "rösta" if tou think appetite are better than Number of the beast 😊
  3. Would absolutely love that! but it will never happen..
  4. Golden Circle at Ullevi testa logga in igen på ditt GNR konto. sedan tryck på länken för presale igen, då funkade det för mig
  5. va fan! ja kommer inte till någon länk för biljett. Det står bara att allmän försäljning startar den 16e! blir galen
  6. no pre-sale option for me.. just says that general sale starts Nov 16... when i try to find tickets
  7. same here... Norwegian site is fine but not for Sweden show...
  8. World's first head transplant

    been waiting for this for two years now. IF (very big if) the OP is a success and the patient wake up and have the same personality as before, i wonder what religious people are gonna say about the human soul when it's just the brain that make who we are (if that's the case ofc). I highly doubt that the patient gonna wake up and not be paralyzed. It would take som balls to volunteer though!
  9. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    RIP. Very sad news on a already sad day.
  10. My Interview with Vicky Hamilton

    that sound very weird and like BS. Do they get sued if they talk to someone from their past or what? I think they avoid interviews and such just so they don't have to get questions they don't want to or can't answer.
  11. bringing back Matt or Adler would get rid of stupid fills that doesen't fit the song. AND we would get to hear Estranged as it meant to be played. Yes, maybe it's the bands decision to play the songs faster but Frank's playing does not fit the songs. It's not like i'm the only one that notice this. even my sister who's not into music that much reacted to his playing. Sorry, not want to make this thread bout Frank. =)
  12. Agree on NR and Don't Cry. The rythm section just sound too fast and wrong.. Don't cry have no feeling to it whatsoever nowadays. BRING BACK MATT OR ADLER FFS!
  13. 1st Steven Tyler is a different person. 2nd different lifestyle (nowadays) 3rd made a laser micro surgery to his vocal chords a few years back so he could perform at full power( had some problem with blood vessel or tired chords or something like that). I am really impressed with Tyler's performance, the man is 70 years old ffs I think Axl has a tired voice.. toured heavy with both GN'R and some AC/DC show for 1½ years now.. earlier his voice could sound weak in some songs but now it cracks and his range isn't as good as it been before (age?).. and his voice are clean almost on every song, which was not the case before. Anyway, we've all thought that Axl was finished lots of times since 2001 and he still comes back and surprise us all, so i hope that he will come back one more time after some vacation and prep. (wishful thinking) Axl shot himself in the foot with all the great songs GN'R have wrote.. see a 70 year old Axl (or anyone for that matter) perform a GN'R song live? don't think so.. the songs are hard to sing as it is for a young person. I have said this before, but one of the great things about GN'R and Axl in particularly is that you never know if it's gonna fail or be the best show ever performed.
  14. they need a break/vacation. I really hope they let this tour end with the show at The Forum 11/29.
  15. It took 24 posts for this thread to escalate into a "Izzy deserves more money" thread lol. Too bad Gilby didn't make it for some shows. He's my favorite rhythm player for GN'R (except Izzy)