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  1. This whole "It didn't sound like a GN'R album" well it wasn't meant to sound like classic GN'R either. I'm not replying to anyone in particular, but I've read this sooo many times on different places..
  2. Everyone's a liar until they say what you wanna hear.
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    General public doesn't care. Might get stabbed for this but.... i'd rather have Gilby returning to the stage than Izzy. Izzy in the studio or co-writing, Yes. On stage meh I rather have Sorum on drums. In a perfect world Sorum AND Adler.
  4. I guess he's just left handed. Most people were forced to learn to write with their right hand in school.
  5. sept 28... and the whining already begins REALLY hope they premiere a new song or some sort of tease.