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  1. i tend not to complain that much.. but FFS AXL take some time with your vocal coach and get your shit together on certain parts on Estranged. but overall it's good =) Time to sleep. Have a nice evening fellow gunners!
  2. 05:32 Am... must get some sleep soon lol
  3. sounds like Axl has a cold.. A well deserved rest after this leg of the tour
  4. SVT (Swedish Television) can not be watched outside the region.
  5. 2006 vocals are 10x better. but i like the new intro better..
  6. I paid 111$ for Golden Circle tickets, Show in sweden next summer. Not that expensive IMO. When i saw guns in San Diego 2016 the tickets were waaay more expensive. And then i had a seat ticket at the right side in the stadium.
  7. Vote AFD for best rock album

    Appetite won. now lock this lol
  8. https://www.radioplay.se/rockklassiker/kampanj/battle-of-the-albums Mark AFD and click "rösta" if tou think appetite are better than Number of the beast 😊
  9. Would absolutely love that! but it will never happen..
  10. Golden Circle at Ullevi testa logga in igen på ditt GNR konto. sedan tryck på länken för presale igen, då funkade det för mig
  11. va fan! ja kommer inte till någon länk för biljett. Det står bara att allmän försäljning startar den 16e! blir galen
  12. no pre-sale option for me.. just says that general sale starts Nov 16... when i try to find tickets
  13. same here... Norwegian site is fine but not for Sweden show...
  14. World's first head transplant

    been waiting for this for two years now. IF (very big if) the OP is a success and the patient wake up and have the same personality as before, i wonder what religious people are gonna say about the human soul when it's just the brain that make who we are (if that's the case ofc). I highly doubt that the patient gonna wake up and not be paralyzed. It would take som balls to volunteer though!
  15. Tom Petty Pronounced Dead

    RIP. Very sad news on a already sad day.