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  1. I'm glad that you (excuse me) was dumb enough to keep it. I would've never aloud my sister to trade such expensive jewelry for a mic just to give it to me. If it was meant to be I would've catched it. It's like buying an autograph, useless unless you get it in person😊 Last year in Stockholm I was like 1 meter away from catching that mic, but i was to much of a pussy to not reach (run over people) for it 😄
  2. "Shure Beta 58A" if i remember correctly..
  3. Haha my sister offered the guy who caught the mic a jewelry worth 9000$ (!)for the mic and he said no lol!! Anyway, good show and I hope everyone had a great evening 🙂 Now some hunt for beer n pizza
  4. I need beer! Mojave desert n my throat. Good show! Axl was great on Madagascar.
  5. Går guns på 20 eller 21 ikväll, någon som vet? Time for guns onstage?
  6. Rank The Songs on LIES

    One in a million You're crazy Patience Used to love her Mama kin Nice boys Move to the city share place with reckless.
  7. The original song is great but i love GN'R's take on the song. Axl's voice on that one is just awesome
  8. wasn't Tobias guitar just dubbed over Slash's parts? so i guess it would sound just the same but with Slash's touch/sound ofc.
  9. If 2006 Axl and 2006 scott would do a cover for one another's songs I would definitely without a doubt pick Axl. But now I would vote Scott just because Axl can't sing the way he used to, but slither is getting better and better.
  10. pretty much this. I think they should do some more deep cuts or acoustic songs when they come back for a second or third leg of a tour. But i guess they try to please the majority of the crowd.
  11. younger? i thought the crowd nowadays were older in general. Almost everyone were 30+ last time i saw them in 2017. in 2006 almost the whole front row were teens and the crowd were MUCH crazier in 2006. maybe beacause almost no one had their phone up in the air.. idk. =) As to why he seems happier and calm? Well people get older and wiser and he made peace with his former bandmates. It's ridiculous how some people on this forum are so fucking stuck in the 90's lol. PEOPLE CAN CHANGE OVER THE YEARS
  12. I don't =( But to say NEVER is a bit harsh.. look who's up on stage with Axl now