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  1. He talked about composing soundtracks and themes for movies. Would suit his talent for melodies. Or write a biography .. As someone wrote before, Axl could definitively have a podcast
  2. Really bad options.. Vocal coach, personal trainer, get in shape, maybe don't have 3+hour shows. re-arrange some of the songs if needed. BTW I would never ever go to a GN'R show without Axl as singer/frontman
  3. I know the AFD tour shirt with the "devil" and the robot are rare and expensive as hell today.. up to 500-1100$ or even more.. The "live like a suicide" shirt is really rare too.. don't remember which was the first one though.. Remember seeing a music show on tv long time ago and they talked about rare band clothing and GN'R shirt came up.. GAAHH can't remember how it looked like lol
  4. Outta get me, WTTJ (without that fu**ing Slash tease), YCBM would be great also. But ISE does great as an opening song.
  5. "is confident some of it will be released during 2021" So no GN'R material then I guess. lol.
  6. I think the album is OK, nothing more nothing less.. Good thing though is that they record and release an album instead of just endless bullshit
  7. I guess to keep the momentum and interest up, which they totally forgot how to do in recent years.
  8. I miss Gilby... Hate me! I REALLY want to get some fottage from Sweden 2006.. it's hard to get videos from that time...
  9. exactly, idk what it is but the real feeling is gone, sounded better hen he was wasted haha!
  10. love Live Era, re-recorded vocals or not. Great selection of songs! That album have been played at lots of partys
  11. Even Matt's drum lesson to this teenager is better than that "thunderchickin"
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