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  1. Myles is a great musician and all that but i can't stand his voice, I've tried but i just can't stand it for longer periods.. and that's a shame cause the songs itself are really good. So for me GN'R. I feel about Myles just like I feel about Guns rythm section (Ferrer)
  2. The HS EP are set for release in february next year.. Slash releasing his new album soon... This band is a circus ffs. I doubt we ever see a full length album again.. hope I'm wrong. Always this stupid talk about how they don't know how to release the album haha! Slash have released several records without any problems, so how come it's such a complicated thing with GN'R? Sometimes it feels like Slash just releases his own music instead of waiting for Axl and TB. As many already said before, they should've released a NEW album in 2018, when the momentum from 16-17 was there.
  3. Agree on that, but wasn't HS meant to be a movie sountrack from the beginning? if so, it shows. Totally fine rock/punk song that would have a lot more listeners if the brilliant managers could promote the song outside their Instagram lol.
  4. His voice isn't as strong anymore, simple as that. You can clearly hear that.. even Jungle is hard on him. 2016 vs now is night and day. wonder if he got a vocal coach any more.
  5. He should've done it in 2016, then the song would probably sound great. Axl's perfomance was not good at all from the poor recordings i've seen, but he tried and they played it and that's good
  6. they should´ve released a box set with the albums+the unreleased demo songs+the UYI tour documentary. But it's GN'R so let's sell some crappy sweatshirts in yellow.
  7. I saw GN'R in June 2006 and Frank replaced Brain a couple of shows before if i remembered it right. On-Topic: Mental illness.
  8. Off-topic but i wish they would play some Slash's Snakepit.. like Beggars and Hangers on
  9. in 2016, yes.. but with Axl's weaker voice nowadays, no.. I'm glad i heard the song live in 2006,
  10. Pretty absurd that the guy who wrote Coma, Estranged, November Rain, Locomotive etc is gonna (maybe) release "silkworms" as the first single with Sluff since the 90's.. Good that they're doing something but ffs, they choose the worst song in their whole catalog as the first single? lol
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