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  1. Not particularly. They are who they've always been even if they have said differently. Them going along with Axl's way of doing things isnt really any different from UYI era GNR is it? except there is less drama, nearly no Axl mood swings and more money.
  2. It was about time the good will they had gotten from "semi" reuniting ran out. They've been pushing it since 2018 really. Rolling Stone coming out and laying into the band will atleast get their attention, though I doubt it'll make them rethink anything for even a second.
  3. SoFi Stadium is the new Rams stadium in Inglewood thats about to open.
  4. *Top 10 GNR Moments 2019*

    Aside from them dusting off Locomotive and Dead Horse, It was a pretty boring time to follow GNR. The Leaks didnt do much for me since I've always been indifferent towards CD. I listened to them once before they were taken down from reddit and havent bothered since.
  5. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I dont believe the whole "new show" thing. but good for the European fans who were left a bit wanting for more shows.
  6. Late Cycle Game Console Buying

    I bought a PS3 at the end of its life cycle, It was a refurbished unit so It was quite affordable at the time. Thats been a good one since Ive been able to get games for it cheap at thrift stores and such. As a general rule I normally get consoles a year or 2 after launch since by then they're slightly cheaper and they have worked out any of the bugs that new consoles always seem to have. Plus the game library is larger by then and the consoles have some slight upgrades.
  7. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    Honestly yes. And it'll probably only get worse unless they release something new. Personally speaking, seeing them reunited a few years back was great and I wont ever forget it, but its all been downhill from there. There's so much other music to listen to that I dont really throw on any GNR all that often. And the leaks piqued my curiosity for all of 5 minutes, since I have never been a big CD fan.
  8. Best wishes to Papa Hetfield, addiction is a bitch. The press release from the band would suggest that James hasnt been completely sober since 01 like what was previous thought off. struggling on and off would mean he's fallen off the wagon plenty of times since his last public rehab visit
  9. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Ouch. Now this is how you call someone out on their BS
  10. not according to Arlett Vereecke there wasnt.