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  1. It should be worth it to them if they give a fuck about closing the GNR chapter in the right way. Of rewriting their wrongs so to speak. I hold onto a small glimmer of hope(very small) that they care. But the cards are stacked against them in that aspect. The list of artists that have written great albums late into their careers is quite small. And there is no precedent for a Rock n Roll band which imploded then reunited 20 years later, and made records again that held up with their OG shit. You have to wonder if that spark is there. I doubt it. The creative spark between 5 members that happened on AFD pretty much ended on that album and the tracks that were written during that AFD era band. once Illusions came about their creative process was much different. I dont have faith that Fortus, Frank and Melissa are gonna be able to make the difference.