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  1. Really enjoyed TLJ so hopefully they don't try to retcon it. From the trailer and surrounding media (interviews etc) it seems like it's gonna be ROTJ part 2 which will be very boring to me. I enjoyed TFA but, again, it was very derivative. I think the biggest problem I have with this franchise is that they didn't start the new trilogy with new ideas. Instead they used the old entirely which really limits what you can do. Hopefully the rumoured old Republic trilogy will come out and be great.
  2. I don't think I'd buy that unless it was a compilation of various best performances. Axl's voice wasn't consistently good enough to just put one uncut concert out imo.
  3. It's really strange to me that you're constantly asking me and others in this thread for links and sources yet you watched a 4 hour documentary with no sources or evidence and instantly believed it because it implied MJ was guilty. I think mj is innocent because I have spent a long time researching this stuff. I would not just be saying it if I didn't have reason to believe so. I don't really think you are going to be convinced one way or the other and I'm not going to try and change your mind because it is tiring seeing people go through mental gymnastics to try and make these guys look legitimate. Everything I'm saying has a legitimate source because I have seen it but I am not going to spend time looking for all of them for you just because you want to believe this doc. If you cared enough about this to form an opinion based on the doc then I think you should have been curious enough to do some research. Otherwise you wanted to be convinced one way and just accepted it when you were. This is probably the last I'll say on the matter.
  4. You're bringing this stuff up as if it wasn't wasn't all debunked years ago. If you had done any research at all you'd know that all of this stuff has already been debunked/explained. Also their accounts are incredibly detailed because they have the same lawyers and have had years to get their stories straight, even though they've still done a crap job at it. It doesn't "go both ways" if all the stuff you present has been done to death and explained.
  5. Honestly it really doesn't matter how many inconsistencies come up with those two people in the metoo era will make up any excuse to believe them. "it doesn't matter that all the dates are wrong", "it doesn't matter that the train station didn't even exist when he said he was abused", "it doesn't matter that they have a clear financial motivation for accusing mj". Absolutely mental. Saying "they are convincing and credible so I'm going to believe them no matter what comes up" is very dangerous.
  6. I really don't understand why some people think that stuff like this is true. Use your brain lol. Although maybe that is a bit too much to ask.
  7. I think the millions figure came from the letter MJs Estate sent to HBO. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. They directly contradict their own testimony in the documentary and the time line of events does not add up at all. One of their mothers celebrating when he died but then her son claims he never told her until 2013? Safechuck was in a lawsuit before he suddenly "realised" he was abused and joined Wade's lawsuit for millions and Wade got rejected from an MJ tribute show and shopped about for a book deal (which he tried to hide from the court and his lawyers and the allegations changed massively in each draft of the book, then "realised" he was abused and tried to quietly sue for money under seal and run. Wade's whole family caught lying in the doc about a dinner they had with mj saying it was used to convince wade to testify, turns out the dinner was actually after wade had already backed mj in the trial. Safechuck saying mj had sex with him all over the ranch when there are security camera in almost every room. Safechuck also said there was one way glass in a room that MJ used to conceal them having sex, turns out there's no one way glass in the ranch at all. The claims of wade and Safechuck about MJ abandoning them are bullshit as they remained friends for years and Safechuck even worked on mjs ill fated comeback tour. I'm just saying this is propaganda and you need to be aware it is designed to make you feel a certain way, it will make you feel uneasy about mj but that is the intent. It is incredibly one sided, not one person who has defended MJ was interviewed or anyone else who knows the accusers other than their families. (Many people who know Wade have since came out and said he's lying).
  9. One side has evidence that these guys are financially motivated and the other is their words and the words of their families. Who have already been caught outright lying in the doc. I think we'll have to agree to disagree as it seems the doc has made up your mind.
  10. I already know everything that is said in it. I don't really feel the need to watch it, don't really want to sit for 4 hours and watch stuff I know is false. I think the fact that they have changed their stories at least 10 times since 2013 and also contradict each other and their own lawsuits constantly is enough to cast doubt on their credability for me. They legit make new stuff up every time they do an interview.
  11. Hahaha I've never seen a more perfect description of some people here "mad it's not still 1987" indeed 😁.
  12. All I'm gonna say is if you do the slightest bit of research on these "victims" you will see where their motivation for changing their stories is. Saying "omg it is so convincing and emotive" isn't valid. It is propaganda of the highest order and if you believe it and then do no further research then I have no trouble telling you how weak minded you are. There are many lies and inconsistencies that cannot be explained away in this documentary. This whole we shouldn't question people who say they are victims thing is ridiculous. Wade and James are liars, and bad ones at that.