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  1. The fact that all of the known outtakes from the Invincible sessions are worlds better than anything on the album is quite sad.
  2. I'm a big MJ fan and I can see how someone could say there a similarities, and they've mostly already been covered in this thread. I'd like to say though that they both had people they collaborated with in order to realise their vision. Arguably MJ was more creative in this sense as he almost always had the whole song in his head and just needed someone to play it for him. Still, it was a collaboration nonetheless. Everyone contributing what they have is what makes a final product, and MJ and Axl definitely both thrive(d) in an environment with other creative people.
  3. It wouldn't surprise if there's quite a few more unreleased versions. Probably with minor changes.
  4. Wasn't This I Love the first song written for CD? It existed in some form or another in the early 90's.
  5. Axl includes the ChiDem songs because he likes performing them live. He's already said they're his favourite to sing. He'd been performing them live for years at that point, so I don't see why he'd remove them if he enjoyed singing them.
  6. I don't think these sound better than the finished product at all. They sound raw and unproduced. The production on the final album is great, why anyone would want to listen to these low quality demos instead is unknown to me. It would maybe make sense if we had higher quality recorded demos but these aren't very good.
  7. I disagree. He's always been lazy with his vocals on this song. Even when he had rasp it was weak, even though he was able to rasp the hell out of other songs in the same concert. It just always stands out to me as a weak vocal performance. All imo of course.
  8. They both suck. He's always sucked at this song live, which is a shame. I'm pretty sure he could nail it but he never does.
  9. If anyone can't find a link then pm me. Others have offered but I thought I'd say just in case people aren't getting it.
  10. I wonder if the blues or any of the other songs have different vocals, there's an early nineties version of TIL right? Would be interesting to hear that.
  11. I'd be curious to see what the others songs sounded like at this point in time. This one sounds quite incomplete.
  12. So, do we know if this is legit and if so when it's from?
  13. Anyone able to send me a download link to this? Very interested to hear it.
  14. I've always loved it and can appreciate it for what it is. There'll always be those classic GNR fans who are upset axl didn't make an album about sex drugs and smashing stuff up. Nothing will change their minds on that front.
  15. Exactly, he isn't going to get any better if he doesn't put effort into learning how to use his current voice.