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  1. Definitely Atlas, as soon as I heard it I knew I loved it. I like perhaps as well but the chorus needs to go, the verses are vintage Axl and the closes I've heard him sound to the UYI sound. As soon as I realised Axl was saying "save me" during the chorus it just made me think of a cheesy 90s rock song.
  2. It honestly just gets better to me every day. It's so addictive. I really hope Axl finished.
  3. New LA Show Sep 21

    Axl can warm up his voice and totally ruin it by the end of this show
  4. New LA Show Sep 21

    Wonder if Axl will be any better.
  5. I have the "oh my love can it be, I've fallen from your grace with me" part stuck in my head. I quite like the vocals on this. I've seen a few people saying it's lazy but I think it fits the track.
  6. The drums up version is real. Drums down hasn't leaked yet and the one going around is fan made.
  7. Yes I know. I was strictly speaking about what's on the cds haha. I feel a few of the songs that aren't finished are probably finished now.
  8. People who have the files have said that there's only three unheard songs left that have vocals and the rest are instrumentals. Oklahoma isn't one of them.
  9. This is my favourite leak so far and I think it has so much potential. I really hope there is a more complete version, I can definitely see this having not been worked on again though.
  10. Some parts still not definitively figured out yet so have been left out. What can I say Free will is blind today The choice that you made is a not a road I would take To use and betray Simple as a power play Not far away With tears that go unexplained now Oh my love Can it be I'm falling from your grace with me now Oh more than ever I still remember They say it's just a passing phase No more like a game Problems of the human race Goes right to your brain Caught down in a hidden place With no sense of shame The secrets there and you can't erase Oh my love Can it be I'm falling from your grace with me Now more than ever I still remember your name When did you think you would tell me How long you think I could wait for now I said (unintelligible) How can it be you've fallen from your grace with me (unintelligible) Oh my love aaaah I ask myself what I believe in Cause now more than ever I still remember your name
  11. Really don't like the chorus of this one. The verses and solo are great though. Hopefully a later version has more lyrics.