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  1. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    I have 3 of them. All XL. However one of the XLs fit like a men’s medium
  2. BTW, has anyone found any more pics of Axl at the fight? Or just the one that the guy posted on IG. Thanks!
  3. King Axl is rocking a Mike Amiri long sleeve shotgun tee
  4. Those shirts are the Made Worn Led Zeppelin shirt
  5. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    They all had to be custom made
  6. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    I custom made 3 shirts from this leg so far
  7. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    Maybe my Michelle and out ta get me will get thrown back in the mix
  8. This record is fantastic! I’m in love! The Great Pretender...WOW!!!!
  9. I bet they release call of the wild tonight at midnight
  10. I’ve played Mind Your Manners 100 plus times since midnight! Absolutely love it! Can not wait til 9/21!
  11. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    I’ve collected so many of Axl’s tees and Amiri jeans. I’m living the dream!
  12. The Official "Axl's Attire" Thread

    I think it’s just rad to wear the gear that the boss wears