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  1. Yes, I hope slash isn’t re recording old parts from any Chinese guitarist. Although I would still take it! Any new music from GnR including Slash and Duff would rock! Even with Chinese era guys on it! I don’t get why anyone would complain about new music from GnR. Makes no sense...people complain that they don’t ever put out music and when they do they cry about how it sounds or who is on it!
  2. I guess I should’ve put emphasis on my use of sarcasm!
  3. We know the news is real (thanks to Russ’s strong gnr connections). So here are some of the possibilities for what the new recordings can be: 1. Slash is doing overdubs for a NITL live album 2. Slash is re recording Chinese Leftovers 3. Axl and Slash are working on one new song for Terminator Dark Fate Soundtrack (favorite movie series and favorite band in one!) 4. Axl and Slash are recording brand new material that has not been worked on up to this point. 5. They are finishing up material from the 93-95 sessions. This is in relation to the recent “Storage Tapes” purchase. 6. It’s all bs and we won’t ever hear any new recordings from GnR Have I missed anything? Hopefully we get some more news on what’s going on, and we get it soon!!!
  4. GNR on Terminator 2 Figure

    "Moto terminator" lol Yes, I am a Terminator super fan!
  5. It's SO hard not to get excited with this recent news, but.... Being a GnR fan, we all know how far off the comments can be from the truth. I do feel that this time is different. The band wasn't late for shows for example. That shows major change with all of them!
  6. I'm only down three organs 

  7. "Question mark symbol" should be GnRs new logo. 

  8. killing time

  9. Where can I find one of those Enigma machines?

    1. Edward Nygma

      Edward Nygma

      You have to return to innocence..

  10. To all my Gypsy boys