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  1. Am I the only one who finds it odd that this “rumor” hit the market days after The Golden Ticket 🎫 of unreleased music was discovered? Let’s looks a little further: 👀 Tom Zutats locker gets bought by a random person. A Super fan buys cds from said locker. 2 new tracks leak, one of them being the 1st or 2nd most anticipated unreleased GnR track. We discover there are at least 15 cds of unreleased music 🎶. We get photos of track listings. Supposedly the GnR camp gets word about the cds, and reaches out to the new owner. The GnR camp strike a deal with the owner of The Golden Ticket and stops the unreleased music from leaking...for now. What’s GnR and TB thinking right now? Are they starting to panic and realize we have to get music out soon so we can make money from it (as opposed to it leaking and everyone gets them all for free)? I don’t know guys, this sounds logical to me 🤨
  2. Right. Without being there for conversations we have NO idea what’s going on unless we are told by a/the source. It sucks really...
  3. It’s crazy to me that soooo many people are saying “he should do this or he should do that” “he’s going to get in trouble and have the fbi after him” etc... He can do whatever he wants! If he chooses to leak them all, some, or not at all is his choice!!!! He has been doing what he’s doing for a while so this isn’t new to him. How about we all let him do what he wants!!!! He’s a grown man that is capable of making his own decisions! Would you like it if 50 people on a forum were gossiping about you??? I didn’t think so
  4. I have an ill feed

  5. I guess I’m not hardschool enough to not sleep for days anymore
  6. We are all on like a 48 hour GnR binge! Wake up at 9am and get on the forum for hours. Go to bed at 1am while staring at the forum in hopes of finding gold before going to sleep
  7. I don’t really mess with Reddit but when I search “guns n roses leak” nothing relevant to the recent leaks come up. Do I need to do more than just do a normal search?
  8. Here comes the newest rumor that will last for the next 8 years until we get a 31 second studio quality leak I heard a different version of Scrapped the other day. I will discuss further later today or tomorrow (Sunday)
  9. Haha right. I can’t find jack about it anywhere beside that post...plus I REALLY need to go to bed 🛏 You know you got a problem when you stay up until 130am or later just trying to find a studio recording of a song you already have but with less audio quality
  10. Reeaalllyyyy??? Well then.... I have family visiting me and I’m trying my best not to ignore them, but when we’ve got major GnR stuff going on it’s hard not to!
  11. I said that about the newer silkworms leak. That track kicks butt! I know I wasn’t the only one who thought Silkworms would’ve done well had it been released
  12. I hear you! The one day I DONT look at gnr crap because I have stuff going on....all types of stuff leaks! F me right?
  13. Awww yeah 15 “new” cds that no one will hear!