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  1. Where did he say this? Sounds promising, hopefully it doesn't take a GnR minute to get there
  2. WOW! What a bad time to not be locked into the GnR world! I guess that is one downside of vacation! lol Crazy if all this unreleased CD stuff is real, and if we all get it at some point???? woah Is the general consensus that the hoarder is being honest? Or not? Doesn't it suck that there are copyright laws and we can't all share unreleased music? lol #BombZquad
  3. Instead of creating a new thread, I thought I would ask if there had been one made 1st. TSI is a decent album. A lot of people dislike the album for having all covers, or saying all the songs are s*it. I disagree. There are some solid covers on the album. My personal favorite is "Attitude"
  4. We are talking about old albums, which isn't a bad thing but... Why aren't we talking about the Alan Niven inside info that was on Mitch Lafons podcast from a week or whatever ago? Has there not been a thread made about what he said? "Axl in the studio sifting through old Chinese material for a new album"
  5. Duff Credited for Oh My God?

    Oh Axl apologists..... If a song gets released on an official album and doesn't have the word "demo" in the title, then it is not a demo. It is a master and completed song. If a different version would ever be released, it would be called a "re-release" or "remix" A song in a major release film isn't going to include a "rough cut" of a song.....
  6. Only in mygnrforum do people argue about if the lead singer of GnR was taking meds to make him gain wait, or not
  7. I wonder if his attire and looks were him trying to keep a low profile? He is dressed like someone you'd find waiting in line at the local check cashing loan place on the 1st of the month. Again, I don't see any dots. I don't know if my pc monitor sucks or why they aren't showing up
  8. The bandana in these pics looks different than the new pic, to me. Maybe its my pc, but the initial pic looks like a bandage not a rag. Again, could be wrong. Indeed
  9. The fake Kerrang 1999 song titles

    Shackler's Revenge is a pretty sweet title. Although I expected more from the song. When I saw the released track list for the first time, the first thing that stood out was "Shackler's Revenge". I honestly was expecting it to be the best track on the album....until I heard it
  10. Its wild we all get excited to see a picture of someone from 20 years ago, just because that person wasn't "around". On that note, maybe the bandage was from work he had gotten done recently? No idea though purely a guess
  11. Axl's alleged plastic surgery

    Michael Jackson actually admitted to "two" plastic surgeries. I saw him say this in an interview.
  12. Axl's 90s net worth

    More than all of us combined....
  13. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    Hmmm.... Does this have anything to do with all the bs crap that went on with taking all the bootlegs and such down recently? Have GnR decided to put out a bunch of concerts since Mr. A have everyone struck and banned?