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  1. GNR Bootlegs On YouTube

    Hmmm.... Does this have anything to do with all the bs crap that went on with taking all the bootlegs and such down recently? Have GnR decided to put out a bunch of concerts since Mr. A have everyone struck and banned?
  2. They change a small part to a song and people flip thinking they are working on new music That would be nice...
  3. "I contact with Izzy", "writing new material on different fronts", etc The first thing I thought when I heard this was Duff and Izzy are writing material for GnR!!! IMO they want Izzy in the collective fold. They want Izzy there for the writing and creating process. Axl, Slash, and Duff all know having Izzy around to help create music will only be beneficial. Izzy and the guys bouncing ideas off one another will get the GnR juices flowing! Axl, Slash, and Duff can write good music, but having Izzy there will help them write GREAT music!!!
  4. Where can I find one of those Enigma machines?

    1. Edward Nigma

      Edward Nigma

      You have to return to innocence..

  5. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    I guess I'd be okay with an anniversary $ suck, as long as ALL unreleased CD material comes with it. Oh a GnR fan can only dream of hearing new music... If not, we better get some good leaks instead!!!
  6. Axl's Magnum Opus

    The General #3? What makes you feel this way? 98% of us has never heard the song, but it's a major GnR ballad? Just curious
  7. Saw Slash tonight in Salt Lake

    Which is?
  8. Not to sound blunt, but did it really matter which version of the song made it to Chinese? Would either version of the song pushed more sales? Created anymore of a buzz? etc Maybe very little...Maybe some Queen fans would have bought the album or song just to hear May.
  9. Or we could just ask them to release all unreleased music
  10. Did you not realize you were hearing unreleased GnR music? Or did the pretty women have your mind elsewhere?
  11. This thread needs banished to some political website or a deep, dark hole.
  12. GN'R opening for the Stones videos and Making of Estranged

    Try googling both. They both showed up on the first page of my search...That is if you haven't found either!