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  1. Axl also said, he wanted to release the second album in 2010 and the third in 2012. So... things can change.
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

  3. we go even a step further - where no band has gone before... --> when does the children's book come out?
  4. Political maybe, but not in regard the Trump administration. Frist, that's a level he should not go down to, second, if he writes lyrics for that, the songs will be released in 2040. =)
  5. Anyone remember the series Friends? Season 1, last Episode, where Chandler reveals the secret about Ross being in love with Rachel. Where Chandler was speechless... well, almost speechless... Crystal Duck (starting at the 1:41 mark). It's just that moment... Edit: That's good, just keep rubbing you head, that'll turn back time...
  6. Since I also like the NuGuns era I'm hoping for a release of those tracks with the original personal. Even if it's a boxset to end those times. It would be like drawing a line to separate it from the Slash II-era. But I fear that some kind of hybrid is probably the most likely thing to come out of it. No. 4 is a dream which is just a silly daydream.
  7. Well there are four possibilities: 1) Chinese stuff with some Bucket/Robin und some rework by Slash 2) Chinese stuff totally reworked 3) New Axl/Duff/Slash songs 4) Old Axl/Duff/Slash/Izzy songs I'd like to hear all of those of course. But I doubt, they will ever see the light of day. Best guess is a mixture of 1, 2 and 3. But since there's a lot of material out there, a double album is something that could work best and showcase all the guitar players. I can believe, Axl wants to shelf everything pre-Slash. At least that's the dream anyways...
  8. It was posted by Gordon Comstock on Page 183.
  9. This was posted in the CD Leaks thread an hour ago. Since it seems it's this time of year again, we're being trolled once more.
  10. What a nice track and treat for us. :-) A certain band can learn a lesson or two from them. 2010 was great, 2006 also, if not better. Axl/DC was a great surprise. Axl sounded way better than with Guns these days - he should have recorded an album with them.
  11. yep, that's typical sign of a stroke. sorry, bro
  12. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Keeping the shows und tickets up is a dick move. The only fair thing is to cancel the shows. But since most artists postpone them, it's something we've got to accept.
  13. They should release the leftovers CD II & III now, and then something new with Slash/Duff for the tour... what a beautiful dream...