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    Cheese balls democracy starts now!
  2. Don't wanna miss a thing is a great great song, in my opinion. Compare it with Street of Dreams then talk to me about it
  3. Aerosmith played with Britney and N'Sync. Journey played the pre show I guess:
  4. The best choice would be Aerosmith! Best band in the World, then the obvious choice, Guns N'Roses. Journey did a pretty good job some years ago too.
  5. That's what Axl is missing! Deadlines! I don't know why it's not happening...
  6. I love the song and I loved the movie! Gabriel Byrne did a hell of a job playing the devil. I think the song needs a totally different mix than what was done. It needs to be wider and less compressed. The guitars need to sound less electronic on the solos, the drums should be louder and the melody should be clearer.
  7. What is GN'R's most atmospheric song?

    Welcome To The Jungle!
  8. Gnr Missing Out

    I would pay the 13 euros/month to have access to the GNR vault, if it included unseen footage and unreleased songs.
  9. Gnr Missing Out

    With Azoff you got the album! After 10 years of studio work. After a number of failed tentative releases and promises. Say what you will but the man managed to get the album released, and that's all it matters to us.
  10. Gnr Missing Out

    Totally Agree! It's the difference of having quality management!
  11. Gnr Missing Out

    Because Team Brazil is not as competent as Metallica's management! Metallica is a well oiled machine!
  12. One of the most insightful interviews I've seen you guys do. Only to beat by the Goldstein ones. Great Work guys! Can you guys make an interview with Roy Thomas Baker, or that guy that took a tape to Axl and Axl supposedly ran over it with his truck?
  13. I wish they did an entire album of songs written by them with that style of punk rock vibe! Axl's voice really sounds great on that album!
  14. I don't see the albums that way at all. UYI 1 has more southern oriented songs than UYI 2 (Dust N'Bones, You Ain't the First, Bad Obsession, Bad Apples). I see it as a mix up of all styles. Like Axl explained on an interview, it was a compilation of everyone's ideas, so everyone would be happy with the record, since they couldn't agree with a direction. As a matter of fact UYI 2 has more Appetite era recorded songs as well (KOHD, You Could Be Mine, Civl War, Don't Cry (even though it's an alternate version) ). It wasn't experimental at all, apart from My World... It was actually the left overs that weren't put on Appetite and Use Your Illusion 1. (Don't Cry 2 is an obvious one and a very good example of that).
  15. Axl would probably freak out, if Slash and Duff ever joined Matt to do VR again lol With that in mind, VR is dead anyways... No Scott Weiland, no VR. He was the voice of the band!