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  1. Any album that uses a very different approach than the other ones released previously, will forever be labelled to an era or year., or genre. Look at St Anger, Generation Swine, The Fragile, The Beattles White Album... etc etc... Doesn't mean it's not good. It means that it's the black sheep of their albums, meaning it's drastically different from the other ones.
  2. I think that there's a possibility that "Me and My Elvis" might actually be Soul Monster. Axl once told us in the chats that Soul Monster had various working titles. "Elvis and the Monster of Soul" "Monster of Soul" and that the song would end up being called "Soul Monster". I think I recall something like that. Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. It's a rumor, it's not a fact, It's just speculation, and maybe you guys are right about the clickbait, but if you think about it, it's not that far fetched either. An album release now, meaning literally now (and not 2020), would be Axl's best move in years, and it would be the best of both worlds for everybody. Not only the fans would get entertained before the tour starts, but also they would go on tour already knowing that there were going to be new songs to be played, which would boost ticket sales absurdly. Since there's also songs that can possibly be on the next record, floating around in fans hands, which shouldn't happen in the first place, Axl would probably be in time to cash in on those songs and would annihilate that underground illegal market. If Axl was smart, he would try to get a deal done asap with the record company to release the new album sooner than 2020. August would be a great month for a single release, and September a great month to release the new album. Just my opinion.
  4. I don't think the guy had intentions to leak it, to begin with, to be honest...
  5. As a fan, I'm very disappointed. Not because I wanted him to have any kind of trouble with the law, obviously I didn't want that! If there's legal issues attached to it, then I prefer that we don't get to hear those songs, and that it doesn't get leaked... I'm pissed because there were people naming the guy, posting pictures, posting clips and drawing all types of attention publicly on the guy - That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen...
  6. Did something happen when silkworms and the other tracks leaked the other time??
  7. Don't think so either...and eventually someone will order him to give them the cds back.
  8. We should just shut up and let it go... It's over Brothaaa!
  9. Exactly! Also if nothing's gonna happen anyways, and if there's nothing really to discuss, then there's no point of this thread being left opened. We have already said everything that is to say about the songs.
  10. I think it's time to delete this thread...People were named...Mods ?
  11. Exactly! That's what I've been saying all along... He didn't get the discs out... Someone else didn't pay his storage rent and the owner sold everything...