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  1. Fuck the police cover by guns N roses
  2. Siempre bon jovi,is a big single
  3. When the pandemic passes. Gnr should release 3 albums. November, March 2022,and november 2023.8 o 10 song disc. Whith remants of chinese, vr3,95-97 sessions and new songs.come back to 70's to reign again
  4. I wish a new album, 1 of april, the name of album: songs for a quarantine. Only guns n roses can do it
  5. And again, I'm excited. Damn band from hell
  6. Guns n' roses should postpone the shows until the next summer. The next year, in March, a UYI Box set. And in may , first single, and they have 2 new song, in matrix 4 and john wick 4 bso. In summer,release the album
  7. La canción de 2 nuevas rosas de piedra, son buenas, para mí, son muy buenas Second coming is a fucking masterpiece, and last guns n roses leaks, some sound like second coming
  8. Album in Summers? Song in the batman's bso? A new song in comercial energy drink? This is a good promotion
  9. Great idea, I got ticket to Sevilla jajajajs
  10. There are song finished, there is album finished, but , the problem is how to take it to the people? in 3 ep? A classic promotion?
  11. After I hearing the new pearl jam's single, I think that hardschool kickass in the billboard