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Poll: What do we as fans and consumers want?

As fans and consumers, what do we want?  

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  1. 1. As the title says, what do we the fans and consumers want to see made available for purchase? I have listed stuff I would like to see below but I’m sure there are loads of other things.

    • A new album......
    • Officially released Ritz 88 on CD/DVD/Vinyl
    • Officially released Saskatoon 93 on CD/DVD/Vinyl
    • Use Your Illusion boxset
    • Officially released versions of known pro-shots
    • Perfect Crime documentary
    • Official live package of NITL tour
    • Other

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About the name/partnership issue: Axl owns the band name, but the old partnership was never dissolved, and that complicated things during all the period after the band broke up.

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line up wise: kick Frank and bring Matt back (couldn't give two fucks about Izzy or Gilby)

setlist wise: just mix the order, play the same show 1000 times but mix the order of the songs like you did on the Illusions tour, start one show with Easy, the other with Jungle... always thought how would be to start a show with Paradise City....

releases wise: new album, new dvd/bluray of the last tour, Illusions and CD box sets, a vault of live concerts like Springsteen does.

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