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  1. I forgot about the Marlboro shirt. I tried to save up enough miles to purchase one that looked similar but I didnt smoke enough or I quit before I had enough miles. Cant remember.
  2. Axl's making preparations to compete with DJ Ashba in the rock clothing marketplace.
  3. Maybe he doesn't believe in the consistency of his voice anymore. I know that most of us don't either. I think he needs to change his sound and sing with his regular mid-range (is that the term?) voice like the verses of Don't Cry and Patience. Axl is nearly 60. The ferocity portrayed in his high, scratchy voice doesn't seem that legitimate anymore. I'm not saying that Axl should go totally soft rock but if he took it easier on his voice, I think he could record some nice songs on top of the music created by this talented version of the band.
  4. In MIA and ready to party. I don't expect much from the new era. Right now, I'm more excited about the D-O-Double-G-you see. Section 106, Row 6. Come say hello.
  5. Perhaps this is a high-priced marketing scheme to attract American visitors back to the Dominican Republic. There is no way they can sell enough tickets at that resort to cover the cost of hiring GNR to play a gig. I think there is a good possibility that it has been subsidized by the ministry of tourism and the resort itself to help bring back international tourism, which declined by nearly 300,000 visitors in 2019.
  6. I used to see these guys when they would swing through the ATL from about 2005-2009. I’ve met chad a couple times and he was very cool. It’s amazing that he’s still going. I’m sure he’s probably had no fewer that 3-5 different Izzys, Duffs, Stephens, and Slashes over the years.
  7. Good show. I wasn’t happy with the VIP viewing area so I negotiated with a girl standing at the entrance to the VVIP all-inclusive section and gave her $20 for each of us to get into that section. That enabled us to watch the show between the Gen Pop rail and the stage. I wish they would get rid of The Seeker and Wichita Lineman still but other than that, no complaints.
  8. I like you’re writing style for some reason. This looks like a unique form of tourist poetry.
  9. I’m going tomorrow night. I hope Axl listens to DH a couple times on the way to the park to get re-aquatinted with this forgotten masterpiece.
  10. I suppose Rick will invest in Just for Men, a fake mustache, wig, and glasses so that he can attend the remainder of the tour without being detected! I'm not sure its that easy to keep a single paying customer out of multiple arena shows.
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