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  1. Going to this. Message me if anyone is organizing a pre-show party.
  2. I enjoy Absurd as much as I enjoy hearing "You wanna step into my world!" when I let UYI II play too long. After hearing the kind of music this version of the band makes together when playing their jam parts on stage in between songs, you would hope that the first thing they put together would be something better than this. If Axl can't record in the same voice he used to nail the ACDC tour 5 years ago, fine. He can sing the lower octaves and would still sound good. I won't be disappointed if they choose to leave this one out of the set at my next show (Atlantic City), if it is not cancelled/posponed.
  3. Hello everyone. I'm going to this one - the Saturday show! I do wish there was enough enthusiasm for this tour for a pre-concert Forum event somewhere in Atlantic City. I saw Aerosmith years ago at Trump Plaza/ Boardwalk Hall and there was a kick-ass pre-show party on the beach. If any of you are going, have you considered getting tickets to see Brit Floyd at the Borgata on Friday night? They look awesome on Youtube.
  4. Man, just checking for the first time since the pandemic began to read this shit news. I was planning on flying over to Chicago for a little blues at Kingston Mines and a Guns N' Roses show at Wrigley. This pandemic is taking away valuable shelf-life of our aging rock stars. I only like "legacy acts" and they're all starting to sound like shit with age. Fast-forward two years and I'm sure that James Hetfield, Huey Lewis, Joe Elliott, and our beloved Axl will not sound any better than they did in 2019. I hope you are all well and also hope that each of you American forum members don't end up hating yourself too much as you atone for your "white privilege" in the Joe Biden era.
  5. Scott taught him to use a megaphone before he died. Don't love it, but I'm enjoying AC/DC's new release and the new Chris Stapleton album right now so I'm probably not best suited to be a critic. Glad they're going for it and I wish them success.
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