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  1. Man, just checking for the first time since the pandemic began to read this shit news. I was planning on flying over to Chicago for a little blues at Kingston Mines and a Guns N' Roses show at Wrigley. This pandemic is taking away valuable shelf-life of our aging rock stars. I only like "legacy acts" and they're all starting to sound like shit with age. Fast-forward two years and I'm sure that James Hetfield, Huey Lewis, Joe Elliott, and our beloved Axl will not sound any better than they did in 2019. I hope you are all well and also hope that each of you American forum members
  2. Scott taught him to use a megaphone before he died. Don't love it, but I'm enjoying AC/DC's new release and the new Chris Stapleton album right now so I'm probably not best suited to be a critic. Glad they're going for it and I wish them success.
  3. I forgot about the Marlboro shirt. I tried to save up enough miles to purchase one that looked similar but I didnt smoke enough or I quit before I had enough miles. Cant remember.
  4. Axl's making preparations to compete with DJ Ashba in the rock clothing marketplace.
  5. Maybe he doesn't believe in the consistency of his voice anymore. I know that most of us don't either. I think he needs to change his sound and sing with his regular mid-range (is that the term?) voice like the verses of Don't Cry and Patience. Axl is nearly 60. The ferocity portrayed in his high, scratchy voice doesn't seem that legitimate anymore. I'm not saying that Axl should go totally soft rock but if he took it easier on his voice, I think he could record some nice songs on top of the music created by this talented version of the band.
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