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  1. I don't want to sound like a hater. But I have to agree that these leftovers from the CD are a kind of Frankenstein. I preferred to hear the final version at the time. Because as far as we know the album was ready in 2014. The General is one of the worst Guns songs, on several layers. Empty music, it has no feeling, it sounds like a machine playing, it sounds generic, it's not original. A covers album would be more respectful to the fans. I honestly liked Hard Skool and Perhaps, they sound like the old Guns. But it's very little for a band that got together eight years ago. Axl became rock's slacker. The band will be 40 years old and we have 4 original albums, 1987, 1991 (UYI's), 2008 (CD), and a shameless but classic EP GNR LIES. I don't think the band is doomed to failure if they release something, but Axl Rose is dead creatively.
  2. Slash looked inspired when he took a few songs that Axl rejected in 1994 for his first solo album released in 1995.
  3. Slash just fucked this song. Sorry Without inspiration.
  4. I agree with you. I still don't think Axl will release new music on the European tour, most likely he will release it in August at the start of the US tour
  5. Paul mccartney on stage https://youtube.com/shorts/9PQX6s12FN4?feature=share4
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