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  1. Easy new tour SMKC and Alterbridge with Myles solo opening and performing with both bands lol
  2. Supposedly Eddie and Sammy had been texting each other alot over the last couple of months
  3. 100 percent. Slash has it already recorded with SMKC. They were recording during lock down recently. And at this stage ill be happy to have a new SMKC because gnr are just not happening.
  4. They could always do what Acdc is doing now and releasing a album in November then touring off it some point next year. A album doesnt need to be released exactly the same time as the start of a tour. They are just lazy plain and simple. Correction Axl is just lazy. Slash, duff and even dizzy find ways to record and release stuff.
  5. Supposedly these songs will be using Malcolms left over ideas from Black Ice sessions. They had heaps of unused riffs and song ideas recorded.
  6. France now. Their social media teams been busy
  7. Im guessing they are doing tour stops at these cities. The posters are personalised for each city so far. So far we have Sydney, Dallas and London
  8. Nrl grand final would be great
  9. PWR UP posters have been hung around Sydney. Somethings happening very soon.
  10. Nikki advises why slash wasnt in the video for his solo https://metalheadzone.com/motley-crue-bassist-nikki-sixx-responses-to-a-question-about-slash/
  11. Its official. Slash has left Guns n roses to join Ashba fulltime in SIXx AM lol
  12. Problem with a posthumous record is how many Axl full vocal unreleased songs are there anyway. For years and years the bands have always had shitloads of instrumentals they have recorded but Axl rarely recorded and put on any vocals for them.
  13. Axl was a fan. But yeah if Kurt was alive today I reckon they would be friends or at least respect each other. Dave Grohl and gnr are fine now.
  14. I dont think using songs left off gnrs least popular album would be a bright idea. Not commercially anyway. I would prefer new tunes created off axl/slash/duff chemistry.
  15. The first few stone sour records were great. Worth having a relisten.
  16. I found it weird to have Sympathy for the Devil still on there myself after how upset slash was over it.
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