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Status Updates posted by alfierose

  1. Anyone fiinding pics of todays events please tag or PM a mod to have them added to the picture diary thread started by @Towelie. Thanks

  2. General ticket sale starting very soon. Good luck everyone!

  3. I'll be mostly away this week so plz direct queries to other staff thx

    1. Powerage5


      I'll send you all the queries. You're welcome. 

  4. New emoji added to post reactions. Get your 😮 face on!

  5. We have made a start adding the new tour dates. Don't worry if your show isn't added yet - they will all be there in a day or two.

    1. Padme


      We are 6 months away from the shows. No rush from my part, except Madrid. That's my Xmas present :wub: Thank you Alfie and Axl by take care of me :lol:

  6. A boy (man) who was in my class at school has been murdered. So awful. RIP

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    2. alfierose


      I can't claim him as a friend, I've not seen him since I left school 20 yr ago. He still lived locally though and we had a number of mutual friends. It's so sad, no one deserves to end up that way. Thanks guys x

    3. Lio


      That's horrible, Alfie, a murder happening so close to you, to a man you know :-( Hug.

    4. bran
  7. Annnnnd...it's over. Great while it lasted guys :-D

    1. jman2000


      It was hilarious!

    2. alfierose


      Yes. I just wish I knew something about PJ so I could have contributed. Although I know now a little more than before!

    3. Street Of The Blues

      Street Of The Blues

      Thought the forum moderators had gone mad yesterday. Welcome back mygnr.

  8. Can I just remind everyone who wants to vote in the awards to put in your nominations. It's quite time consuming updating the spreadsheet so I'm hoping to keep them spaced out a bit rather than a last minute avalanche! Thanks you :-)

    1. WFA


      Get ready for a last minute avalanche tho <3

  9. Check your harness Tonto. Thyme to dieeeee!!!

  10. Chilling in a Premier Inn. Everyone else gone for a long walk. Quiet bliss.

    1. Lio


      So you're in Paris then ? Enjoy it, I absolutely LOVE Paris :-)

    2. alfierose


      Not yet. Going across in the morning. Too much driving to do in one day with the kids in tow. They are all so excitable, it's sweet yet irritating. :-)

  11. Cracked open the New Years whiskey early. Fun times MyGNR.

  12. Don't forget to submit votes for the first round of forum awards.Three days left!

  13. Emptying out my kitchen cupboards in a vague attempt to live a more minimalist life. It e

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    2. MB.


      My problem lots of plastic tubs, no lids though. Cleaning up kitchens is frustrating, have fun!

    3. alfierose


      I have been ruthless. I kept 5 plastic tubs out of so many. I cleared the first aid cupboard too. I have medicines that are older than Chinese Democracy. Shame!

    4. LyndaRose


      shame on you! lol

  14. Goddamn snow days. Ruining education and my sanity!

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    2. ZoSoRose


      lol good luck, alfs

    3. alfierose


      I'm eating a mega tin of rice pudding all to myself. That's how well it's going.

    4. Cosmo


      I'd kill for a snow day. You have no idea of the heat that is Rio right now.

  15. Going out tonight. Babysitters, food, wine. Romance isn't dead yet! ;-)

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    2. alfierose


      Actually Mr Dude is right. He totally fucked up the evening. I'm so pissed off. There will probably be no sex ever again! :-(

    3. Gia


      He's fucked :(

    4. Mr. Dude

      Mr. Dude

      but not really

  16. Happy Christmas Mygnrforum. Hope all of you have a great day with loved ones.

    1. MB.


      Hope you had a great day as well! <3

    2. alfierose


      Yes thank you :-)

  17. Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. I hope the coming year brings good things for you all.

  18. Hope you all survived the Mygnr Halloween blackout. Watch out for things that go bump in the dark!

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    2. Powerage5


      This is NOT an invitation for everyone to bump old threads while we're all asleep.

    3. BetterDay7


      Think it is ok now

    4. bran


      the night is dark and full of terrors.

  19. I hate it when you make an impulse purchase then google ads follow you around for the next week rubbing in the guilt. :-D

  20. Is this a thing now?

  21. It's my birthday. Only another two to go before I start working backwards and knocking years off ;-)

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    2. bran


      happy birthday

    3. evader


      Happy Belated Birthday, Alfie! I don't know about working backwards, but I stopped counting at 29.

    4. alfierose


      Thanks everyone. I had a great day. Going away for the weekend tonight. Can't wait :-)

  22. It's my wedding anniversary today. We've put up with each other for 15 years...amazing! Going out soon for a posh meal, I hope the babysitter survives :-)

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    2. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Hahaha, tell your husband he's my hero. He was playing Xbox on your anniversary day. What a champion, haha.

    3. alfierose


      I was moderating on here. Not sure what that says about me! We're not that big on anniversaries or birthdays to be honest.

    4. Nosaj Thing

      Nosaj Thing

      Haha, well, if it doesn't matter to both of you, is perfectly fine. I'm just like that, it's just another day.

  23. Last chance for award noms. Voting closing soon.

  24. My daughter is flying home for a week tonight. Very excited, I haven't seen her for 6 months.

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    2. Lio


      Not so great then :-( Weren't you planning on flying out to go visit her some time?

    3. alfierose


      Yes, in April. She officially comes home in August but she's talking about returning after her final year to do a grad scheme.

    4. MB.


      It will be nice for you to see and hug her again. Eventhough the reason is sad, I hope you can both enjoy the time together a lot. X

  25. My son has a friend over for dinner. They are playing LOTR with wooden swords. Carnarge!

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    2. alfierose


      Lol. I made them listen to Chinese Democracy three times to earn their dessert. They loved it.

    3. Scumcat Esq.

      Scumcat Esq.

      I'd say I love it after the first listen. :D

    4. jman2000


      alfie you are genius.

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