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    2. Gia


      So congrat!! Ican be quite the cunt so you'll have something to talk about

      Miser has been gone though.. and you still talk about him..... wow he must have done a number on you

    3. AxlisOld


      People talk about Hitler too, cunt.

    4. Gia


      haha Miser <33333

  1. "thin lizzy" being used to target the overwheight older crowd. fucking shocker!

    1. Broskirose


      locked because diceman is an angry little boy

  2. Baron Von Storm tags #gnr in a tweet promoting his shitty music video

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    2. bacardimayne


      at least axl owns the brand name

    3. supercool


      and making a good use of it

    4. Broskirose


      axl is in gnr. matt sorum isn't.

  3. DImebag Darrrrel is the shit. So hardcwore. Suck it bitihecs!

    1. Broskirose


      sooo sweaty and rock n' roal

    2. Broskirose


      plug me butt darrale

    3. Broskirose


      so heavy. so sweaty. ah yeah.

  4. don't belittle a giant in the world of heroes.

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      God bless Captain Planet.

  5. Enter a new era

  6. Evader is a genius.

    1. bran


      his work is second to none

    2. wfuckinga


      he should teach Brain how to remix

    3. Crash Diet
  7. Fiance angry with me

    1. Coma16


      tell her to make you dinner and keep her frustrations to herself!

  8. Flying Lotus has a new song with Kendrick Lamar. Fuuuuuuck. This gon be good.

  9. Guys if you aren't already, be sure to follow MyGNR on Twitter! https://twitter.com/mygnrforum1

    1. Coma16


      Sweet - why is there a 1 added?

    2. gunsguy


      Coma, pm me I can explain

  10. Has wikipedia changed fonts?

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    2. Forsaken


      The fonts have changed wikipedia.

    3. Nulla Lex Ink.

      Nulla Lex Ink.

      Anyone know how to change it back? It's really, really dumb looking.

    4. bacardimayne
  11. HBO Go fails again. You think they'd have learned after the True Detective finale disaster.

  12. Healthy happy people stalk posters on GNR Forums.

    1. darknightfan


      Healthy happy people also ask people on GNR Forums to marry them.

  13. hey babywad this is blonskishows the real dj of the great north experience here to show you what you've been seeing for 8 years and pineapples to go. homefuck! OWWW

    1. magisme


      I love it when you do the homefuck OWWW thing. lol

  14. I forgot my Twitter password.

  15. I reached my like quota. I don't even remember liking anything.

    1. Broskirose


      Oh wait, I think they were all on arnold layne posts

    2. arnold layne

      arnold layne

      Thanks Broski!

  16. I want True Detective thread level discussion once Game of Thrones starts up again. Wasted, please tell me you watch this show.

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    2. Georgy Zhukov

      Georgy Zhukov

      Books are not all out yet

    3. bran


      ^^^^ what he said. plus from the promos we are getting to book 4 and 5 waters already.

    4. highvoltage


      i'm rewatching it all again to prepare for the new season. finished the first season over the last couple days, just started the second.

  17. I'll one star you all. I swear!

    1. Facekicker


      I'll kick you in the faaace!

  18. I'm asuper. a super man. With a super. a super plan yeaheaheaheah. and wen the shit gets real i'll seal the deal with the man. yeah. ohhhhhhhh yeayeayeayeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Is it awful avatar day or something?

    1. Thin White Duke

      Thin White Duke

      We have good coordination.

    2. Broskirose


      stop drinking

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    2. ColdHeartBreaker


      He does look like a homeless dude i

    3. Forsaken


      Looks to me like Tommy tired as hell next to a chick with a GN'R shirt on completely ignoring him lol

    4. alfierose


      I did wonder but thought it didn't look enough like Tommy. Jet lag maybe lol!

  20. Just heard footsteps outside.... a shadow on the wall...they're here.

    1. AdriftatSea


      Play the game Broski

    2. NachoLZ


      Bring the alluminum foil hats

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