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  1. How pathetic is it to talk about something you know nobody has (and probably doesn't exist) and knowing you won't share it. Get a life
  2. Thanks. The video is cool and all, but I'm not gonna praise "management" for throwing us half of a cold pizza instead of giving us something real. Just release a goddamn full show. How hard can it be? If anything, this videos proves how lazy fernandont is. Coming up with a few more songs within months. Wow. What have you been doing the rest of the year?
  3. Kerrang! was there when the GN’R reunion (night)train left the station five years ago. Despite a bumpy start, no-one has looked back since… Words: Sam Coare When the news broke, it did so out of the blue, and via a car window. “Axl Rose has broken his foot!” Those of us stood in the Las Vegas sunshine, tailgating outside the city’s box-fresh T‑Mobile Arena, did a double-take. The car from which this mystery newscast had been broadcast had not hung around to take follow-up questions, instead winding up its window and disappearing towards the nearby multistorey
  4. Please stop filling his brain with facts. Anyway those facts won't make it through the tin foil hat anyway.
  5. That raises the question: Why would nothing materialize if you go into the studio and record songs?
  6. If they were in the studio, i just don't understand why they wouldn't tease something. A picture, and be it black n fn white, from something in the studio. Keep the fans interested. If they really were in the studio, they're just idiots for not teasing anything about it - you know, like every band does.
  7. Yes you're right. We should have stadiums filled with people all the time, cause the virus can't spread outside. Stupid scientists have been lying to us, while you have been reading articles. Good job, man. Everyone give it up for the Spike Killer, cause he read articles.
  8. If you really want to debate the basics of science, then yes. Cause nobody can be this stupid.
  9. You seriously want to debate wether you can catch covid outside or not? And you talk about science?
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