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  1. That's my point. They're not going to see the same show 3 times because they cant get enough of the hits and the same show. GNR need something new to attract the casual fans to keep going to their shows
  2. That's a generalization that i don't think is fitting. People dont have to be die hards to be fan of their music and even buy their new albums and enjoy them seeing in a new show. If someone who's a casual already paid 120$ for a show, why would he pay again to see the same shit again?
  3. Casual fans dont have any interest in seeing the same show more than once. If they know, they're getting something comepletely new, they'll be more tempted. Oh boy
  4. You'd think that someone like Slash would know how to keep his son off heavy drugs.
  5. People still believe what those lunatics are saying over there?
  6. And people wonder why they don't play the super bowl. They would get crucified with that voice
  7. Fartus comes off like a douche. Bumble has ten times more personality and bucket is 100x the better artist than this guy. Is Richard even an artist? All be does is go on tour and play songs he had nothing to do with
  8. I guess that one is over https://www.facebook.com/TheAFDShow/posts/3377083682418517
  9. The gnr bootleg community is more or less dead anyway. I'd rather be able to get all the shows I want than be a part of an exclusive club.
  10. It might be a good thing if there won't be any shows in 2021. Will show if this band has the balls to do anything while there are still no shows. But i think the OZ shows in November might happen.
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