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  1. lol @ Management telling Fortus to block Dunsford on Instagram cause he replied to him. What a bunch of losers they are.
  2. Did she just recently die? If so, looks like it might be just a one time thing.
  3. He was too busy explaining how he taught Sebastian Bach the art of anilingus
  4. But Mr. Scientist over there said there will never be zero.
  5. Did you listen to the clip or just posted something without any kind of knowledge?
  6. The dates on the left in the Instagram post are missing. It's July 31st
  7. It should never be Managements position to dictate what band members can publicly say or not. The band belongs to their members, not some suits (or in this case Brazilian leeches). They should be able to say whatever the fuck they want
  8. It's weird. GNR ist axls Life and probably passion. Yet he doesn't seem to care to invest more into it than he needs to make it work. Never goes the extra mile. That's some poor work ethic
  9. Gnair. Another great marketing plan by crapnando the management genius
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